You must know some of the facts about Brazil before making your trip to this place.  These have at least 27 facts about Brazil. This place is enjoyable as for your trip. 

Fact about Brazil

1. Carnival means Festival.  The festival celebration in Rio located in Brazil is one of the world famous famous festival. Before 40 Days to easter this festival is organized. Rio is also called the festival city of the world. 

2. A Large number of people visit every year to world famous  Copacabana Beach. This beach has a historical importance as in the year 2005 in front of 30k people Lenny Kravitz performed.  

3. The women belonging to Rio De Janeiro is known for its Friendly behavior as well as for its Hospitable to their visitors. We can call them Cariocas, another name of Rio Women.   

4. It is wonder to know that the ratio of women is decreasing in every part of the World. In place Like Brazil is Quite Good. The ration is higher than Men. Especially in Rio you can find for every 85 Men the ratio of women is 100.  

5. The beaches in Rio are suitable for Surfing. The most right option as a Surfing beach in Rio are Arpoador Beach. This beach is located toward the northern point on Ipanema Beach. Apart from this beach, you are going to enjoy a lot beaches in Brazil. Some of them are Florianopolis located in the Santa Catarina, The Island of Fernando De Noronha located over the northern east coast of Recife.  

6. Brazil is the place where you can see a large number of Young Women and Men are enjoying the beauty of beaches. You can see this view throughout the year. Does not miss the see them during winter season as many young ladies see with a coat on their body.   

7. You are going to amaze to know that that the average age of people is 29 as per to the year 2008. This age is set by Indexmundi. It is really a much lower when we compare it to another part of the world. For example in European Countries it is 30, It is 30 in United State and 40 in japan. This means you find younger women and men near beaches of Brazil.

8. Fitness Culture.

In Brazil this a culture to keep themselves in a shape and size. During your trip to places like Rio, Sao Paolo or most cities of Brazil you can easily find this culture among men and women. They show large interest in keeping their figure a Slim Figure. If you visit beaches you can easily notice thousand of ladies and men work out to make their body slim. 

9. In Place like Brazil the case of Obesity is very low due to the presence of Fitness culture as well as They are very anxious about their physical structure. This is the reason they are not obese. Apart from this you can easily find thousand of people from various countries like Australia, India, England, United States they are obese. That's why the craze of Bikini culture in famous in many parts of Brazil. 

10. If you are a Foreigner, it is quite a chance that you may liked by any Brazilian lady. They mostly prefer the men from various countries but the top most countries are as Follow. Men From Germany, Men Of England, Men from Australia, Men From japan and Men from other Western European Countries. If you are a man in search of a Girl, you must visit Brazil. I am sure you must get a match that you like.  

11. Suppose that you want to become expert in Portuguese, this place is best suitable for your learning. Come here and get command of this language. You must have some idea of this language before coming to this Place. You must get full support from local lady as well as Men. 

12. If you visit this place you are amazed to see that how a lady enjoy with another lady in Brazil. They like to enjoy enjoyable time with each other. They like to enjoy their culture together especially carnival. They like to dance and enjoy their life with full flow.  

13. As we discuss earlier that the Brazilian lady is very friendly to people coming from other countries. You you come to Brazil in search of a partner, you are very lucky because at this place you are going to get your partner with your certain sincerity toward a lady liked by you. 

14. The food served in Brazil is really enjoyable. You need to visit to Churrascaria during your trip to Brazil. You need to enjoy the famous dish, Franco Asado. This is prepared by combining Chicken and rice and fry them.  You can feel a Delicious taste after eating this. 

15. You can prefer other beach in Brazil other than Copacabana beach. Ipanema Beach is a good choice because in term of safety this place is good Located in Rio. Here you have a chance to get your partner if you come to this place for this reason.  

16. At this place you are going to find Cool and calm temperature throughout the year. The humidity is recorded 70-80 as Average.  If you visit Rio the place has an average humidity is around 74.5. 

17. The ladies of this place are really engaging in some work. It is noticeable that almost 60 percentages of ladies Working in some places. 

18. During your visit to Ipenema part of Rio, you are going to find a very famous Nightclub known as Club Six. This is a place for all those who want to enjoy their night in a rocking style. You have an Option of dancing listening Music and Hip Hop too. You can find many Friendly environment at this place. 

19.  The ladies in this place are an open minded. You cannot find such a lady in another part of the country.  You can find many attractive ladies that is open minded toward the selection of Men.  They mostly want to be friend with the Unmarried Guys. 

20. The culture of Brazil is very Unique. They are very Hospitality and friendly nature toward the each and every person Especially toward the foreigners coming from other countries.  If you are a stranger, you are amazed to feel the Smiling welcome by these Brazilian. This is not found in any part of the country. 

21. Brazil is really a Heavy populated country. You can Imagine that the population of Rio De Janeiro is around 11,715,000 till date. Among all people the percentages of white people are 53.8 percentages, Brown people is 33.4 percentages, percentages of black people are 12.1 and percentages of Asian people is around .7. This indicates that you are going to see various types of people on one land. 

22. Suppose that you are a lover of Soccer game, you come at right place. Soccer is largely played around Brazil. During Your Visit you can easily find many Soccer game is going on. 

23. As per Soccer stadium, the most popular soccer stadium in Brazil is the Maracana Stadium. This Stadium is used by the Local Clubs like Flamengo and Botafogo. This Stadium is located at Rio.  

24. The culture of Open Sex is very common at this place. This is not practiced as another part of the country. You are amazed to know that this Culture is Declared as a National pastime. Really Amazing.  

25. At this place like Brazil you are going to find very nicely Establish Government, Established Political parties. This all develop a period of Political Establishment. Lula DA Silva is the president of Brazil and they are easily won the attraction of people. 

26. Economic condition is developing.  

The economic growth and development in Brazil is on the path of development as compare to other American countries. This show the bright future of Country like Brazil. 

27. This is one of the Christian country that is largely populated. The ratio of Women as compared to men is quite high as compared to other countries like India, United State of America and China where the ration of women is less as Men. If you want to Visit Islamic Country, you must visit Indonesia. 

Conclusion - This place is really a heaven for all open minded people. You are going to get a much excitment during the trip to this place it my sureity about this place.

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