Quizzes [Cricket]
  • Master Blaster Quiz

    Take a quiz on your favourite cricketer "The Master Blaster" Sachin Tendulkar. If you answer all the questions, you are a real fan of The Master Blaster.
  • :: The Enormous Hitter -- Chris Gayle ::

    Christopher Gayle (born 21 September 1979 in Kingston, Jamaica) is a Jamaican cricketer who was captain of the West Indies cricket team and plays domestic cricket for Jamaica. He...
  • Nicknames of Cricketers

    • Quiz created by Meean
    • in Cricket
    • 11 years ago.
    • 178 responses
    The purpose of the quiz is to educate the users about the nicknames of popular cricketers in the world
  • General Q&A on Cricket

    This quiz is about Cricket,Lets know more about the game & players....Cricket is a team sport played between two teams of eleven players. It is a bat-and-ball game played on a...
  • World Cup 2011

    This quiz is
  • General Q&A on Cricket - 2

    This is
  • Cricketers Who Played Abroad

    This quiz is about Indian cricket players playing First Class matches abroad. Enjoy!
  • Results for World Cup 1975

    This is a quiz on Results for World Cup 1975 the first ever played World Cup. Enjoy!
  • 1975 ICC World Cup

    1975 ICC World Cup was the first World Cup. Can you remember the origins of this exciting competition?
  • Indian Cricket gk

    This is a quiz on Indian Cricket laced with some overpitched stuff and some real meanies!
  • Indian Players and Debut Matches

    Debut matches are unforgettable for the players. This quiz is about the debut matches of India players.
  • Historical Cricket Stadiums

    Just guess these Historical Cricket Stadiums where some historical matches were played.
  • Memories of Cricket

    This quiz is related to
  • Cricket World Cup

  • Cricket gk

    This sports quiz and will obviously be based on my favourite sport, Cricket. It will mostly be about what I think are the 10 greatest moments of Indian. Feel completely free to...
  • Indian Test Cricket Captains

    A quiz on players who captained India in Test cricket down the years. Hopefully the first in a series. Have fun!
  • Indian Test cricket captains gk

    It has taken me some time to get to the second part of the Indian Test cricket captains quiz, but better late than never
  • World Cup Hosting Nations

    In this quiz you have to find the World cup hosting nations starting from 1975 to 2019
  • Quiz on Indian Cricket

    This is a quiz on Indian Cricket laced with some overpitched stuff and some real meanies!. Hey, this is a quiz on all the happenings in India and in Indian cricket. Hope you...
  • The Summer of

    Indian cricket