If you ever get a chance to visit Sydney you should never miss visiting Sydney Tower Restaurant, which is a unique experience in itself. What you experience there is awesome views, awesome dinner. The only downside is that you cannot photograph there but if you like, you can buy your own pictures taken by professionals there. However, you as a tourist can have a wonderful panoramic view of Sydney from up there and know the real vastness of city. 

This was a highlight of our outing this weekend in Sydney. I am terrified of heights and I had booked through online before commencing our outing on weekend to have a closer look of Sydney Tower Restaurant.  When I saw the Tower from ground level, I thought it was not that easy to reach there or we are not going to reach there in ages. I had even thought about giving up the whole adventure. 

The girls on the front desk were extremely helpful and helped put us at ease a bit. No, do not take me wrong I mean I have the fear of heights as I usually do but not that of girls themselves. So we used lift to go up, which is less than a minute’s ride, say about 45 seconds’ journey, was all it took to reach us there and we walked out on to the revolving deck where we were shown our table for lunch. 

I did feel dizzy at the start as it looked so high up and I was very apprehensive. I even tried to stay very close to the wall and right in the middle of the dining area so to avoid looking out of tower. After sitting for a bit and adjusting to the view, it was the most remarkable experience I ever had in my life, at least for a lunch. The service from the staff was as wonderful and excellent as anywhere in Australia. The food was awesome and the views were breathtaking. You should be careful with your time limit because once you get accustomed to view and food you do not want to get out of the place. I would recommend this revolving restaurant to anyone and everyone who is planning to go to Sydney.

I loved everything that Tower restaurant has to offer, lovely service, wonderful food and the best of al the view of city from up there. I am panning to go for dinner as they say the views are even better at night hours. You certainly get best value for your money. Incidentally, they offer free meals to kids on Mondays and Tuesdays. Vegetarian food is also available if you chose so and then as in practice all over Australia, you can select from wide range of varieties on offer available on their menu. Sydney Tower Buffet lets you select your own style of food with wide range of food available there in perfect peaceful and stylish environment. I am not a big food lover or ‘Foody’ as they call someone who likes to eat but this place was something that hooked me for its preparations.

Photo of the tower from wikipedia  

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