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  • professional writing

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    In today's world to live a sufficient and a happy life we all need to be qualified for that, qualified for that means for every deed that we are going to do in this world we need to be eligible for that like having an education certificate or any technical degree for a specified

  • Human Resource Management In Nursing Administration And Medical

    An Industrial Revolution of 1950, has brought about specialization and growth in the size of the organizations, awakening in labour, resulting in the formation of various labour organizations and federation. Cultural and social changes are now very fast due to the changes in the educational

  • Light dual nature

    Light dual nature


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  • Pros and cons of the Indian Education system

    We get to hear more Cons than Pros about the Indian Education system by Indians themselves. This is probably because in most cases people like to criticize and look for faults rather than appreciate  anything positive. However an impartial analysis of any subject is always good since it