In today's world to live a sufficient and a happy life we all need to be qualified for that, qualified for that means for every deed that we are going to do in this world we need to be eligible for that like having an education certificate or any technical degree for a specified job.


As from the starting of our life we just get only 2 years to play and get accompanied by our parents, our mother and our father. And after that our parent takes us to the education sector and admit us in the school so that we can get some knowledge and know the world very well. We all know that how we learn in the childhood, we cry we make excuses so that we cannot go for school and for tutor classes. But as the time passes we get habitual of learning and we stop making excuses for learning, the time passes and we reach our class 10 level, we get brave ,cleaver etc. Our class 10 result is very important for us as it decide on which path we are going in near future.


We reached our 1st destination, which is class 10 and after completing we go to class 11 and after completing that we go to class 12. We work very hard for class 10 and 12 and after working hard day and night we pass the examination and we go to college.


After completing school education, we go to more higher education to get qualified for any job, it take 3 years to do bachelor degree and after learning so much we pass these also.  And after completing bachelor degree we go to master degree but most of them they don't do it because of house problem or financial or they don't have interest in study anymore. This is the 2nd destination that one's achieve.


Just calculate how much time we wasted in studies for doing class 10 + nursery and kg (12 years) for class 12 (2 years) and for bachelor degree (3 years) total is 12+2+3=17 (17 years). it means that we wasted our 17 years in study, which means half of our life in study. But when we go for a job they just reject us like that saying that you are not qualified and you need more qualification and now a days they say us to get some technical degree also to get that particular job it means more and more degree but after bringing them also the result is 0, we don't get any job. The main thing is that the company or any firm don't need our qualification or our degrees they just need bribe. This corruption is so much spread in India that the qualified persons are not getting job instead of them the person who is not qualified who is not suitable is getting the job. This makes both the firm and the quality of the firm gets bad name. 


This question always arise in my mind, which is important money or education. Well I think that money is important because if we don't get money we cannot complete our study so ultimately money is bigger and giant from education. All you need to have money to get a perfect and wealthy and healthy life . But sometime these question also arouse in my mind that if we don't have knowledge then we cannot do anything in these bad world so knowledge is also important. And if we have knowledge we can make good amount of money from our knowledge. So knowledge is also important to make money. Ultimately I fall in dilemma and I came to that point where I was stuck, but I never gave up I keep on thinking which is bigger money or education. I firmly believe that knowledge which come from education is important because the reason is that if we don't have knowledge we cannot do anything in these bad world. So knowledge which come from education is important and it has got more value than money.


Don't be afraid, don't think of future just keep on studying make your knowledge go vast and deep as ocean. Strength your knowledge as your weapon show the world that you don't need any job or any placement to prove yourself. Make yourself as cleaver as nobody. Make yourself as, wherever you stand the job will have to come to your feet. Be positive be yourself. Never ever try to make yourself as other wants you to be, be you. Have the awesome feeling of the heaven because the earth is paradise and will become awesome for you if you want to get the awesome feeling because its all upon you what you want. Never think that money is bigger or larger than education. Have fun have dream full life 

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