Narendra Modi

  • Modi on Road to Make History

    Narendra Modi swept to power in a gigantic wave, not seen for over 3 decades as he beat the moth-eaten UPA government led by the lackey of the Nehru- Gandhi family Manmohan Singh. It was a victory with a meaning as the Indian state had become moribund, corruption was rampant and almost 30% of

  • Narendra Modi's other half his wife

    Narendra Modi is the prime minister of India. He ha scripted a rise which almost reads like a fairy tale. But like in all fairy tales there is perhaps an ogre or a witch. Narendra Modi before becoming prime minister was the chief minister of Gujarat. He won his spurs as an astute administrator

  • Prime Minister Modi in the UK -

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit seems to be packed with activities ranging from a first time ever speech by an Indian PM at the British Parliament, meeting with the Indian origin businessmen and other dignitaries , attending a rally organised by the Indian community at Wembley and lunch