• Adventure and Safety – Tips before to take on the Thrill

    Adventure trips could be one of the most thrilling and experiencing way to explore the inner beauty and excitement of the place. However, as it is said there is always risk wrapped with beauty. So, you need to be geared up completely to face the natural challenges during your adventure trip.

  • Neelratna Dam

    The Neelratna Dam is located in the Gobi village of Ambartalla. It is 920 feet high and 1,112 feet in length. It is expected to provide up to 4,000 megawatts of hydroelectric power. You can hear the gushing echoes of these falls even from a far distance. Neelratna Dam is


    I was woken up from our deep slumber around 3.30 am by the waiter of the hotel. He instructed me to be ready by 4.00 am. I did as I was advised. It was very dark and the air was cold, crisp and chilly. However, there were many vehicles leaving for the Tiger Hills. I was also going there to