I was woken up from our deep slumber around 3.30 am by the waiter of the hotel. He instructed me to be ready by 4.00 am. I did as I was advised. It was very dark and the air was cold, crisp and chilly. However, there were many vehicles leaving for the Tiger Hills. I was also going there to witness the magnificence of rising sun atop the well known Tiger Hill of Darjeeling.

My transportation arrived. Tilak Thapa, the guide cum driver of Tata Sumo, was a affable man, handsome and very helpful. He has driven smoothly the vehicle for more than 8 km from the Darjeeling town to Ghoom area.  The vehicle (TATA SUMO) stopped suddenly when riding upward. A lady with a flask entered the back side of the vehicle and she sat till the vehicles come to a halt. Later, I realised that the the lady was a coffee seller whom Tilak Thapa had given a free ride. Such an act of kindness is very rare in today's world.

When the vehicle stop I was in a sea of vehicles like car, sumo, innova, etc. I thought I would drown in the sea of people that have come to witness the sun rise. It was still very dark. The air was more chilly than before.  I had a hot cup of coffee. The taste of coffee was delicious in that freezing weather. After having coffee, I got the entry ticket. Showing the entry ticket I started to climb uphill for abut 10 minutes or so.

When I reached the view point, I find that there were more than 3000 people. Some of them were perched on the gallery while other were standing below the gallery.  I was confronted with the decision whether to sit on the gallery or to stand in the front. I choose the later one.

I could see the the light of the sun spread across the horizon. However, the sun has not risen. The light of sun was magnificent crimson red. It spread across the sky. A little farther to the left I could view the mighty Kanchenjunga. It was covered in pristine white snow. I had a great view of both the sunlight and the grand Kanchenjunga. Each of them was attracting my attention. I couldn't make a decision which one to watched and which one to ignore? During this time of dilemma, the sun had rises up. We could see the pure blood red colour upper portion of the sun. I was completely overwhelmed by the magic of the moments. It was a simply breathtaking. Then, it continued to rise, until the whole of the sun become visible to the spectator gathered there. The view of the rising sun was just other worldly. It was majestic. 

The snow white Kanchenjunga has changed its colour just like a maiden changes its appearance when her lover approached Her. The colour of the Kanchenjunga was pale pink. Again, it blushed in front of the sunlight. Wow, what a view. 

I had to return to my room with a smile on my lip and a joyful heart for witnessing a wonder of nature. 

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  1. Arunima Singh

Nice description. I could actually visualize it


Thank you Arunima Singh for the comment, I would like to suggest that please go there and enjoy the view. You won't regret it.

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