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  • In this hi-tech world is good handwriting still important?

    There were time when our school teacher used to force us to have good handwriting. To have good handwriting we used to write more and more. Student those who had beautiful handwriting used to get praised by teacher and family members. 

    The scene is changed today, we have Android

  • Life of Students during Covid

    Mindset of the families can help to curb Ragging

    Ragging is one such word which spontaneously makes us think about educational institutions. It is a known fact that in colleges the first year students get ragged by their seniors. There are always two sides of a coin so is the case with the story about ragging in the educational institutions.

  • Top Five Inexpensive Study Resources for Business Management

    I still have memories of my college days and they are the best ones. Not because it was fun but because of the rigorous development we had to undergo. I was a business management student and from day one our college staff was clear that we can have fun only after

  • Why social life is important for students?

    As humans, we find it difficult to survive in solitude, and our ability to maintain our social lives is what keeps us going. To have a healthy social life is the right of every child. A student’s mental well-being, self-esteem, self-confidence, and abilities to perform in school, depends upon