Dr, Verghese Kurien : A tribute

Dr. Verghese Kurien the milkman Dr, Verghese Kurien is the name that glorified the milk business and made it important part of the economical development of our country. He was the one who started the white revolution in milk industry and change...

Have ever wake up from your bed in the morning saying to youself that today i am going to be the best. Today i'll be happy and today i'll make the difference in what ever way i can. I am going to great a better environment, a better team , a better...

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which soft drink you prefer?

The summer season is on and we very often feel thirsty and very often when we are on the move we quench our thrust from cold drinks so the question is which soft drink you prefer while on the go?
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madugundu krishna
Jesus It was a tedious day for Jesus. He told his disciples, ``come, let us go to a desert place and take some rest’’. When they went, people traced
The morning walk or jogging is good for the health. Those are also best and easy exercises. It keeps your mind as fresh. I start my day’s routine with
Mohammed Fouzan
This is the phone of HTC mobile company. This phone came to market in the year of 2008. It has a full QWERTY keyboard. It has also has a touch screen facility.
The most popular book. A book that has become the favorite of all the sections of the society. From a housewife to the CEO of a corporate giant use this
గుండెల్లో మంట అనేది గర్బిని స్త్రీలలో సాదారణమైన సమస్య . చాల