Review of "The Winner Stands Alone"

Writer :Paulo Coelho Price :Rs. 325 Rating :7/10     The grass is greener on the other side. This is an old proverb which has stood the test of time. A novel based on this theme is the Paulo Coelho's The Winner Stand Alone. Paulo...

Journey to the East by Herman Hesse: A Review

Publisher: Book Faith India Genre: Literature/Fiction Price: Rs.195 Rating: 8/10   In this ever changing world of today, something remains the same. That constant thing is spending time, reading, enjoying and journeying with a great book....

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usha manohar
Photography is a very interesting and satisfying hobby that an individual can develop at any stage of his or her life. It begins with buying a camera and
Mala Jaiswar
Introduction Low blood pressure (90-60) has been termed as hypertension also. This problem has affected many people world wide. But unfortunately many
Heart attack is a very dangerous disease. This is deadly. The disease does not spare even the young adults. Sudden deaths take place because of heart attack.
Group are exploit smarter. Global overheating we had in recent eld, prefab fill stronger. They necessary to modify money and work money immediate. There
  Print media Vs Electronic media- Which is more Informative ? Electronic media is more informative these days. Earlier People depended on newspapers,