Minimum Votes for voter of the day

Is there any minimum number of votes to be casted in Polls section to get the Top voter of the Day award as I have voted 5 to 6 votes for 2 days but it has not been recognised yet. Is it because the earnings page updation is slow which is why it is taking time to reflect?

Written by Category: Boddunan 2 years ago

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There is no number to be selected as top voter of the day. You should have voted the maximum on that day to get it. If you have voted only one poll and no one else has voted in poll section, you will be chosen as top voter of the day as the 1 is the maximum number that has been voted on that day. There can be another situation where you voted for more than 100 polls (let's say 101), but you might not be top voter of the day if someone else voted for more than you on that day. So it is not a predetermined number. It is calculated on a daily basis. I hope this clarifies your doubt.

Arunima Singh

I'm new here. And I just noticed that I won the top voter reward of Rs 25 on 6 th. I did cast some votes but still don't remember how many.


It i given to one member who has taken part in the maximum number of polls for that particular day

usha manohar

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