Family & Relationships
  • Judging others ...

    Let us be frank...when we form opinions or even judge people what are the criteria we base our judgment on ? Is it looks, their social standing, behavior, other people's...
  • The moment grandparents enter the room , discipline flies out of window. Do you agree with it?

    All when grandparents enter the scene discipline flies out of the window explain it with your sweet memories.
  • Once a thief always a thief...

    This is a saying that our society seems to believe in. However, is there any truth in this? Many a times people who commit a minor crime get penalised and have to pay the price...
  • Do you believe in 'forgive and forget'?

    People say forgive and forget but somehow I find it very difficult to practice it. For me, it is easy to forgive but I fail to forget the incident which hurt me...
  • If someone leaves you without telling anything

    I strongly believe that, if you want to end a relationship, either friendship, business or romantic, you should not leave it behind without uttering a word. You need to tell the...
  • House guests - how far would you go ?

    My neighbor is perpetually grumbling about the many adjustments she and her family has to make when there are house guests. When she told me that they all , meaning her husband...
  • Best substitute of a person in your life...

    "One can never become a better substitute of other, but can continue your life story with a different script......" That's what I's not just a romantic relationship,...
  • In your opinion who is a feminist?

    I had a strong argument with someone on a social site. His opinion was somewhat like this - Nowadays even if we warn girls/ladies about dangers, they respond to it with...
  • What's the biggest failure in one's life?

    Is it failure to achieve the biggest dream of one's life? Or failure in relationships or anything else? How will you define it?
  • Do you judge people?

    If we live in a society, it's not easy to stay isolated. We communicate with people, and based on the experiences we judge people, basically it's human trait. But it's possible...
  • Freedom after Marriage

    Question 1: Both men and women complain the same thing - I lost my freedom after marriage. What do you think about it? Who is correct and who is wrong? Who enjoys more...
  • what would be an ideal weekend ?

    For most working people weekend is like an oasis , treasured and looked forward to ..Each one of us have our own ways of spending or enjoying our weekends. For housewives it is...
  • Do a person's basic traits and characters change over time?

    It's true, the society in which we live deeply influence our characters and behaviour. A few things we gain and learn from our family, close friends,school, society etc, since...
  • Main criteria parents seek in son-in-laws

    In Indian society, less consideration is given to freedom, preferences, mental health and happiness of female sex. Once daughters are married off, most Indian parents feel that...
  • Living separately after breakup or living together with breakup......

    Living separately after breakup or living together with breakup......Which one is more painful? I thought so after knowing the real-life experience of a classmate of mine, a...
  • When in trouble or doubt, who is the first person who comes to your mind

    • Question asked by Divya
    • 3 years ago.
    • 8 answers
    We all find ourselves in tough situations every now and then. Who is the first whom you approach or confide with in such situations. For me i always go to my dad. He lets me...
  • What exactly does character of a person mean?

    The funny thing is the word "Character" seems to be something that holds a lot of importance to only the womenfolk of our society. The other day one of neighbor was complaining...
  • To help someone unknown or someone dear to you?

    Help provided anyway is definitely a big thing. You can provide help to any unknown in distress, may be monetary help or in person. Same way you can help your friends and...
  • At which moment love expresses at it best

    I am not saying about just a romantic relationship. May the relationship of a parent and a child, husband and wife, between friends or lovers. Though we love our dear ones, we...
  • Which are three most important women in your life?

    • Question asked by Tushar
    • 4 years ago.
    • 12 answers
    Women play an important role in everyone's life. They work hard to make our future bright. so which are the 3 most important women in your life?