Online or Offline friends?

This question is specially mentioned for freelancers who spent most of their time online, than chatting outside. What do you feel? What's the significance of Online friends in your life though they are links of a virtual world? For me, I never hesitate to chat for a long time with online friends like my normal friends, and all these friends I have earned through this site only. In fact, I never feel that they are nothing short than real friends. Though we type words through a lifeless keyboard, it's definitely our heart, mind and our thoughts that speak. It's less significant that they form a part of virtual or imaginary world, at least in the case of a few people. What about you?
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Sandhya Rani

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Friendship always signifies a relation between two people with a common interests and a motive of exchanging the thoughts and ideas mutually, be it an online friendship or offline friendship.
It’s a wrong notion to think that our thoughts are exchanged through a lifeless and inanimate Keyboard. Keyboard may be lifeless but the people who are located on this side of the keyboard and the other side of the keyboard are full of life. Are we not using Telephone? Are we not using E mails?
I too of the same opinion that there is no difference between online friends and offline friends. I have many online friends with whom I exchange not only my views but also exchange gifts. I too welcome those who are willing to have friendship with me online or offline.

Offline friends anytime, Online friendship requires no effort.Its just friendship at ones own convenience which you cant rely upon.
Abhishek Sangra

Friendships are formed when two or more people feel that they can openly express their thoughts and feelings to each other, without the fear of judgment. It doesn't really matters if they are online or offline.
Abhishek Dass

Online friends are sharers of thoughts, likes and dislikes. The offline friends share physical proximity as well. The differences in age, community, gender also matter more for off line relation.

I have few good online friends with them I have talked for long just as you mentioned. I just feel them like my real friends with them I can share my happiness and other moments. Unlike normal friends here we can have friendship with anyone, I means age not matters. And that's the unique thing in this I guess.

Friends are friends whether offline or online!

I have lots of friends who waste lot of my time chatting with me uselessly but I come to know that they wasted my time when they have already done it. I always promise to not to do in future but like all other promises, I forget this one too. :)
Sandhya Rani Me tooo......?????

Actually I chat with only one online friend for hrs......
- Sandhya Rani - 7 years ago

I prefer online friends...that way i can continue working and take time to socialize though virtually.
Mousumi Ghosh

I will go with both.

Many of our friends are both online and offline. I sometimes chat with some friends I know since a long time because it is convenient to chat online ..But i prefer meeting friends and spending time with them rather than concentrate on online chats

usha manohar

I prefer offline friends as these are people who we really meet and interact with face to face.

Sheetal Kumar N

friends are important in our life either they are online or they are offline. understandings, interaction and support matters a lot.

Nidhi Rajput

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