How to invest in E-Gold?

Provide the steps of investing in e-gold.(Step by Step instructions).
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E-Gold allows us to buy and hold gold in dematerialized form in a DEMAT account.
Dematirialized form means, we are not getting the gold physically in our hands, but its getting registered in our DEMAT account.

There are Several benefits of E-Gold compared to physical buying,
1. Easy to Liquidate(easy to sell them. As easy as selling shares)
2. Dont need to worry about the quality of the Gold(Everyone gets same quality(24C))
3. No lockers needed to store

In india E-Gold is available as ETFs(Exchange Traded Funds). NSE has a gold ETF which is free of risks but you can also search for other companies offering ETF services through internet but a thorough research should be done about that company before buying or selling gold.

Charges for buying and selling them depends on the brokerage charged by broking firms(usually some 0.3-0.5% per transaction) and ETF margins decided by the Equity markets BSE and NSE
krishna pramod

It's simple, your bank provides you facility to invest in E-gold.
DINESH XAVIER Is it? Our bank provides this facility.How u say sir? - DINESH XAVIER - 8 years ago

Via Demat account..

the bank serves the facility to it via Demat account
Aakash Agarwal

Go to the bank and get it cleared from them.
Sanjeev Gupta

You can consult the bank and get a clear idea about that.

through bank
dey provide des type of service
Aakash Agarwal

When you look for e-gold, you will definitely get the instructions to make account online for trading. You read the guidelines and continue the steps.
Devyani Sarkar

Investing in E gold right now is not a profitable proposition. Because the cost of gold is in a diminishing trend.

Paytm has an option of investing in E-Gold.

Sheetal Kumar N

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