Tell me the tips to sit relax for more and more time near computer to write more and more!


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Pankaj, if you want to relax even while working on the computer for long hours, then you need to follow the following tips:

Keep a bottle of water at hand and keep sipping from frequently.

Remember to blink your eyes every few minutes. While working on computer, we tend to stare at the monitor without blinking and it builds up tension and causes dryness and discomfort of eyes. Frequently blinking will keep your eyes moist and ease tension.

If you feel tired, sit back in your chair and close your eyes. Cup your palms over your eyes so that total darkness results. Do this for a few minutes after every 2 hours or so. This will relax you a lot and keep headaches away which are resultant of working on computers for long.

After every few hours or so get up and walk around for sometime, this will relax your stiff muscles. Stretch your arms and legs a bit, do some stretching exercises frequently.

Do not eat oily snacks. Eat low-calorie biscuits or popcorn instead.

Do not drink tea or coffee frequently. Its true that caffeine will provide you with instant bursts of energy but in the long run will give insomnia instead and also cause acidity and ulcers. Since you will be in a sitting position for long hours, it will play havoc with your body, therefore drink water instead or fruit juices. Only make sure that extra sugar is not added to the juices.

The above tips will help you keep relaxed and increase your productivity.

I do not understand your question fully.I am taking this way How to spend time on computer?
You should not ask this question if you have a computer with net connection. Even though
am spending 10 hours with pc i could not find time to explore. There are lot of ways to relax

1. By watching online videos
2. Listening songs
3. Playing PC games
4. Editing videos/photos
5. Blogging
6. Surfing net.

Hope other members would suggest some ideas too!



After every hour of continuous working, get up from the seat and walk a bi in the room a few paces, While doing this simultaneously stretch your hands up and down . Look through the window. Take a deep breath. Yes you can go again to the computer now

Try some stretching exercises in between


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