How to Speed up Internet?

Internet is the common technology in the world. Most of us are searching for speed up internet. Well there are so many method to optimize your internet connection with some trick. If you have any latest tips let us know to take benefit of your tips.
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Opt a good plan. It gives you the best output. Normally you may need to pay more to get the best option. Now I am using BSNL unlimited plan 950 plan. Though it's a bit costlier, it gives me 400 calls to BSNL every month absolutely free. You can make calls to friends and relatives in BSNL circle free, making this connection worth. Also, no need to waste time to download movies, Watch online.
Also make sure you are using a single cable....broken wires (re-connected) will definitely reduce net speed
Sandhya Rani

I agree with everyone but internet speed as Sandhya and Annand said, are directly related to your connection's speed. You cannot expect a 25 mb/ps competing with 1 GB/PS connection 1 GB/ with 5 GB/ PS connection. Yes browsers play a role and there is nothing to beat Chrome in this matter. Keeping your computer lesser burdened and free from unnecessary files will help. let me see if someone can suggest a better way to help keep internet faster using 2G connection compared to 3G connection in case of mobile technology!

By optimizing my browser. In other words i should use a browser that can be customized. I use Firefox that can be optimized to speed up my internet.
Opera comes with compression technology. This speeds up internet.
I'm using Firefox and my net speed is more than satisfactory

No special trick can increase your internet speed. Browsers like chrome can give you better experience but there also difference will be very little..

Browsers like opera gives turbo feature which compress the webpages directly from server. So you will fill them loading faster. But there also your internet speed is not increasing, its just compressing the site.

You have to go for higher and faster plan from your internet service provider to get faster internet.. That's the only trick.

If you want to speed up your internet connectivity, delete the temporary internet files and caches on daily basis. This will help speed up your connection. Ensure that no other applications are running while you are surfing. Go for the best service provider and best plan according to your need. Usually the connection will be fast in late nights as the users will be less which results to less traffic.

You can increase your browsing speed by deleting unwanted cookies, temporary file and make your browser free from unwanted pop up ad by using adblock present in all modern browsers.
Bol Bachchan

It depends entirely on your net provider but we can also take cae not to load our system esp the desk top which according to my computer technician brings down efficiency. He has asked me to keep the desk top clear of all files except what is needed...
usha manohar

Speed depend upon your service provider. Yes you can increase your download speed by using Internet Download manager.

To increase your internet speed use the following tips given below:
1.clear cookies from your browser
2.Delete unwanted files
3.PC Optimization:
It is important to clean your PC regularly. It means a normal maintenance tasks such as, cleaning the disks, registry repairs and Disk Derangement.
4.If you are using a DSL connection over your landline, make sure that you have high-quality filters in place to get optimum signal speed.
5.Upgrade your modem.
6.Use Updated browser.
7.Consult with your Internet service provider to ensure that your modem is configured correctly.
8.Replace your telephone modem with a fast-access connection such as wave, ISDN, DSL, satellite, a cable modem.
9.Tweak our router settings
10.Install Antivirus Software.
11.Reduce our bandwidth overhead
Still your internet speed is slow than, Contact your ISP and get a latest speed plan from them. Its better way to increase your speed
After, completing this steps, you can check our internet speed whether increase or not using this site

Internet speed depends on PC speed. To increase PC performance You should clean temporary files, Swipe empty space in hard disks, Clear cookies and fix registry errors. 

Senthil kumar P

For android phones 'net booster' software are easily available on the net. Download and run these on your device, it will increase net speed to some extent.

Manoj Kumar Lamba

There is no need of any software's. Just make sure to open popular sites as mentioned below.

For g mail - view in HTML mode

For Facebook https://mbasic.facebook.clom

For Twitter -

For Reddit -

Google -

Opera -


if you use google chrome. then add one extension tab suspender. its very usefull for speed up of internet and taking less RAM of Pc. u should be add in google chrome.

Priyanshu Jain

You cannot increase the bandwidth as that depends on ISP, but make sure that there are no background processes which are consuming the data.

arjun sai

1. Remove unwanted apps from the phone or desktop

2. Clear cookies (daily)

3. Use good antivirus

4. Close background applications (if really not required)


Dinesh Sood

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