What are the ways to increase the traffic to blog/ website?

I have started a blog few months ago, also using affiliate marketing and google adsense to earn from it. I have purchased a domain name and mapped it with blogger to get more traffic. I am regularly sharing it on social media, and have added it to google and web search engines. But still it is not getting so much traffic, and resulting in very low income. Can you suggest me some of the popular ways to increase traffic to my website and increase income?

The link to my website is :



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Manoj Kumar Lamba

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I am also struggling with the same issue to increase the traffick to my blog. Initially, I wrote enthusiastically but off late I am a little lazy or too engrossed with other works and commitments. But the suggestions that I got, i can point them out. Moreover, my husband uses them for his blog and he has a good response.

1. Deciding your niche area for writing.

2. Having suitable titles that are informative and catchy.

3. Keywords to help you with search engines.

4. Share buttons with different social platforms to make it reach across a wide population.

5. Using your networks on various social platforms for sharing.

6. Inviting bloggers who write in the same line to post on your platform and using their platform to promote yours.

7. Writing frequently...I think that is most important to maintain your followers interest and even keep the page views going up.

I hope it helps you out

Arunima Singh

I think there are proven ways to increase the traffic to your Blog. I can suggest a few ways Write better titles Include photos Incorporate key words Incorporate links
Manoj Kumar Lamba Thank You for your quick reply, can you provide me some links to learn increase traffic. - Manoj Kumar Lamba - 4 years ago

you can also try google adwords.. It's like a campaign, where you market or advertise about your product or website.. Google will advertise your website and thus would help to increase the traffic to your website.. I had tried this long time back and it worked for me..


You can  use some traffic exchange sites to get views of your blogs. Increase of followers on twitter,

Bajirao Yea I agree. Twitter helps. Also add social media button on your blog, so that your articles would get automatically shared on various media once they are shared by the people. - Bajirao - 3 years ago

Content matters a lot and sharing your content on social platforms which brings in traffic ..Innovative writing and also posting links relating to our own articles helps to increase traffic..

usha manohar

Have you submitted your articles to the search engines? This will boost your traffic. Use keywords properly. You'll need to do proper research and submit both short and long tail keywords. But most important it should relate to something that makes people interested to revisit again or sign up for email subscription. 

Alakananda Sikdar
Manoj Kumar Lamba Yes, I added to bing and google search engines. - Manoj Kumar Lamba - 3 years ago

Give the best title according to you and practically think about your topic.Don't stretch your topic too much.Include pictures and some real examples from yourself.Distribute your every saying in topics.That's all.

Aditya tripathi

Lamba ji, I don't no how to increase traffic in the website but still i would like to help you, I have just read an article ( 12 ways of getting good traffic to your website), which is 19 Number in page No. 775, It has written in small business category. I think this article will help you. so please read.


The content has to be relevant and very good to draw masses to consume the content. Marketing techniques also goes a long way.

Sheetal Kumar N

You can try to advertise your blog or website on social platform to increase traffic

arjun sai

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