What keywords should I use for my website to get more traffic?

I am working for a coupon website which is displaying coupons and offers for all Indian online stores and categories. I have also listed different products from different stores with price so one can get the product at least price. I am getting low traffic, less than 100 pageviews per day. I am using short keywords and  for some pages set keywords in Hindi. But the pageviews are not increasing. Experts please advice what to do and what type of keywords should I use?

Category: Web Design & Development

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You can try Google Adwords. It can be really effective for attracting traffic to the website you have mentioned. I would also suggest you to use long-tailed keywords instead of short keywords that you are using at the moment. These type of keywords have better responses. Alternatively, you can use Google to explore SEO techniques. At the end of the day, you are the best person to figure out what type of phrases / keywords best describes your website.


Choosing a keyword can be really tricky and it is the most important thing to draw traffic to your website. I am also struggling with the same issue with my blog. Many have suggested me to go through some articles and videos about SEO ( Search Engine Optimization). I have still not explored them. I am quite laid back when it comes to technology and technical stuff. But you can Google and try to explore. That might help you. All the best.


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