How to insert an image in the article if the size of image is more that required?

I want to insert an image in the article but the size of that image is more that the required . I have those images in my cell phone but when i try uploading it in my article it shows an error. What should i do?

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In case you shall click your photo on desktop after transferring it, this will open in picture manager. Please click photo> re-size > choose the size from options available (640x480) gives you the best result for inserting them in articles. Please try them.

It will not allow you to upload large size images, you will first have to reduce the file size, ideally it should not be more than 500 kb and in jpeg, png, bmp formats only.

Sheethal, you have the option to resize your image.

Copy the image from your mobile phone to computer. Right click on the image and click on Open with--> Paint

In Paint, click on Image-->stetch/skew option and it will ask for percentage. click on the desired percentage and then click on file-->save option. Your file is resized.

If you dont want to do on paint, right click on the image and click on option 'open with' --> 'office manager'

In that, go to the option 'edit image'--->'resize image' and click on which size you want to resize. after you resize it,save the image.

Now you know how to resize the image in 2 methods.

Thanks Swetha...I will try it ..

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