What are the feature that you want in your new laptop?

I am going to buy a laptop, but It is confusing for me to select a best laptop for me. I need for home use. Please Suggest best one.

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Your laptop is your personal choice. If you are a techie, you need features related to your requirement. If you are a resident where electricity is in short supply you must look for power backup and then you need to look at disc space etc. cost is another factor that should determine your selection criteria. Your use of 'applications' speed will also make a difference on selection of a laptop.


Last November only I bought a Lenova G560 laptop with dual core processor, second hand, 1 year old. I can't remember its configuration right now. Its market prize is around 37000 right now. But I got it for just 17000 only. It's also a nice option, if you want to save some money
suni51 I bought two, one Lenovo ThinkPad a second hand from Gum Tree a site deling in such items for only AU $158 including $30 postage and another HP Pavilion for only AU $495 from Mall nearby therefore saved postage and cashed my gift card for $30. The HP pavilion is 500 GB 4 GB RAM with windows8 from vendor, They have extended warranty on offer and antivirus is part of the deal. AU$=55/ - suni51 - 7 years ago


My requirement is quite different, I'm a web and publication illustrator which demand drawings and paintings of high resolution with multiple layers. All these requirements cannot be met by a laptop. I use laptop only for article writings and web related text jobs.
So, in this background, I need any type of laptop or even an IPad . I don't need any extra and special features in my laptop. For my designing jobs I need a sturdy desk top, which I use extensively.


I am not too particular about the features since I dont do anything professional wwith it other than use it for mmy personal requirements ...I have a HP intel premium which is 2 years old and has been giving me excellent service so far...


Good resolution camera. Lot of RAM and Hard disk space.


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