Is this the right time to conduct board exam of last year degree and master students? Are they mentally prepared to appear for exam?

Written by Category: Education & Reference 4 months ago
Madhuri Gurunath Daskonwar

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I do not think so.For preparing for an exam and appearing for it,a proper attitude and mindset is required.Proper guidance is required.In a state of fear and the struggle against the pandemic,it is not at all correct to conduct such exams.And who knows,if at all students are able to prepare well fighting against all odds,the conduction of exams is in a healthy environment or not.


  Dear Student, Here are the reasons we should conduct exams not only on paper , graduation and PG level almost all have Mobiles, they are highly educated netizens, we all have experience of writing on-line exams in objective type.It's better we use technology and conduct exams . only need  is highly level bit bank, without  writing any exam, there is no use of passing examination. the real degrees of difference not visible between merit and average. In fact final year students may face hurdles if they aspire for top educational Institutions. Universities should come-out from traditional system of education, if Covid-19 will gain advantage .  It's not right time to go for exams,but preparation is must by universities to face if Corona increases it's strength.

sharma avns

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