How open would you be to a live-in relationship from your children?

Would you let them enter such relations or would you hold them back by emotionally blackmailing them?
Written by Category: Family & Relationships 8 years ago
Kalyani Nandurkar

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If and when that happens I would certainly trust my children to do what is best for themselves and of course there would be no question of emotional blackmailing ever, instead I would try and see their view point and offer any help and advice if asked for ...
usha manohar

I hate live-in relationships. livein relationships spoil our culture.

Under no circumstances emotional blackmailing will be there. But, as a parent i keep an eye on their relation and offer my help to my children as and when they need.

I won't allow live in relationship at all. May be I am orthodox but I won't do that by emotionally blackmailing them I would make them understand that it is not worth to make.
Sanjeev Gupta

I don't believe in live-in relationships. It is not a sacred relationship in any country. It is better to make friend, get marry and then live together. Married couples are respected in every countries and in any society.
Devyani Sarkar

Relationship is in fact the name of understanding and vow to live together forever, if a live in relationship can last for ever why not? The only problem with this kind of relationship is that it has no legal value unless registered.

Personally I do not favor live in relation for long term relation. But the grown up children have their own decision making capacity. If required, I shall advise but leave the issue to their own discretion.

Live in relationship is against our Indian culture, and am not in favour for live in relationships
fazelath Imraan

i dont belive in this sort of relationship but the person who are entering in this type of relationship are mature enough to take their on decision...

Live in relationship is not our culture and every relationship hs its own value, we should not spoil it.

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