Is 'Mother' the purest form of love on earth in all terms?

Mother's day is near. But one incident happened in the capital city of Kerala haunts me a lot. So, in this special occasion let me ask you, To which extend can a mother turn cruel to her kids? We hear several incidents around us, Mothers killing kids for poverty or to live with her BF freeing her kids. Yet is it 100% believable that the lady who gives birth to a kid can kill him too.....(if we leave the cases of unmarried women or similar cases, when they become so selfish?

Let me tell in brief about that terrible case that occurred last month. Two married employees of IT Technopark Trivandrum had an extra-marital affair and both their families knew about the matter. They could have divorced and live together. But.......

Two discussed the matter continuously and planned the murder of her family members. She invited her husband from gulf to Kerala. Her lover gave her a surprise gift by entering her house and killing her mother-in-law, her 4 year old child and even tried to stab her husband even though he escaped. Everything was pre-planned. She left home that day with her ornament box left open. She called her husband over phone to come to home at the right time (She was at office). The lover bought a new pair of slippers and chilli powder. Through Whatsapp she has already given him the sketches of her home and the route to reach there!!!!

When he reached the home, he stabbed both the mother-in-law and the child. The little girl had 4 or 5 deep cuts on her body and both died on the spot. He spread chilli powder everywhere and took her ornaments to make everyone believe that it's a theft.

But the most shocking thing is not easy for everyone to imagine.....He took the photos of those two dead persons and sent to his lover to confirm the news. When the husband reached there, he deeply injured him though couldn't kill him.......

Can a mother turn so cruel? I can't imagine, the little girl who kissed her in the morning with innocence, how can a mother plan to kill her????

So, motherhood the purest form of love on earth??
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Sandhya Rani

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Motherly love is no doubt purest. But self interest is always of prime importance. When child grows to man, there may be clash of interest between mother and son. Also the son may not be upto mother's expectation. In Mothr India movie, the mother kills her son who forcibly abducts a bride from the wedding site.

No kind of love can be described as being the purest of all, although love of a mother does come close, yet it is not the purest nor is the most perfect. Love is a human characteristic and like all other human attributes, it, too has its flaws and failings. Hence we cannot describe it as being the purest or perfect. It itself is quite a relative term and changes from person to person according to nature of the people etc. The above incident itself proves that!
Kalyani Nandurkar

It was a belief once that mother’s love is selfless and is the purest form of love on earth. But seeing the quick changes in the society and exposure to other cultures I’m seeing the LOVE is being adulterated. The reason is self interests are overtaking self sacrifices. Relationships took back seat. In this scenario, there is no love called “Pure Love”. Mother’s love is not an exception.

I have heard many great thinkers say that no relationship is unconditional, they all come with attachments and expectations...But of all the relationships a mothers love for children is probably the one that has the least expectations since you dont think twice when your child is in trouble, you would go all out to see that ypour child is well and back to normal...
usha manohar

I will say up to great extent but not 100% true. Everyone looks his or her own interests otherwise why a mother loves his male child more than her female child.

Mothers love is true love. She never hate her child in their childhood and adult stage. No body takes care in the world like her.

Yes, Mother love is true and demandless....

Yes offcourse mother is the purest form of love,but now a days we can see some mother's showing partaility from one kid to other kid,I donot why it happening.


Yes, mother -son relation is great and mother loves her kids very much.

Manoj Kumar Lamba

Its an ultimate statement, "Mother is the Purest form of Love on Earth". You may heard about, God could not stay every where so he created mother to take care of his children.


Earlier, I used to think that mother's love is unconditional but now I have a different argument altogether. First of all if a mother or a father is a good human being then the love for their child are selfless and equal but the only difference is in its representation. Now, if the parents are unjust and crooked personalities then no one can deny that usually both play an equal role in honour killing, hacking finances and many more. In fact love is hardly unconditional be it a mother too especially in this present age.

Shampa Sadhya

No doubt mother is purest form of love. It is my opinion that a woman may be bad but mother is always good one, nice one, lovely one.


Yes, these kinds of incidents are rarely happening today's life. But we cannot judge all mothers in the same way. How many dedicated mothers are around us who are ready to sacrifice their lives for their children! Mother's love is the purest love in this world. Nobody can love us like our mother if your mother is an ideal mother. But there are some mothers around us who are selfish and are not ready to give proper care for their children. 

Jincy Aby

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