How elder cousins are addressed in North India/Hindi?

In south india, there are suitable terms to call elder cousins/neighbours/school mates, a little elder to us. But what about Hindi language? 'Bhayya' is the common term to call all elders whom we regard as brothers, but not all. Then how are elder cousins called?
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Sandhya Rani

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The males as 'bhai saheb' or 'bhaiyaji' and females as 'bahinjee'. or 'deedi'.

Didi and bhaiya are the universal terms to address people who seem to be older to us. These terms are also used to show respect..and not because someone is older. But personally these terms should be limited to family. In India people have a habit of addressing every body as a didi and bhaiyaa, which I don't agree with. Why on earth do you need to build a relationship with a stranger and show yourself as younger by addressing every one as didi, bhaiya, bhabhi etc.If someone really wishes to strike a conversation, make an effort to ask the person't name or simply use sir/ma'am. I know, I am digressing from the carried away.
Mousumi Ghosh

As far as I know the terms for elder cousins are only Bhaiya for males and Didi for females. Bhaisahab is a term which is used for all men, irrespective of age or relationship, even a young man can be addressed to as bhaisahab, a generic term.
Kalyani Nandurkar
Sandhya Rani Bhayya literally means brothers...

But all our cousins are not our brothers....As we have discussed earlier, mama's son (if he is elder to us), we call 'Muracherukkan' (Means marriage can happen, though such practices are very rare nowadays).
In malayalam the word 'Chettan' (also pronounced as Ettan) literally means both Bhayya and we can call any elders as Chettan or ettan.
In Tamil 'Annan' is used, we also use the same word in trivandrum side. this word definitely means 'elder Brother' (not used for younger ones).
- Sandhya Rani - 6 years ago
Kalyani Nandurkar Well, that is how cousins may be address in the south, but in North it is generic Bhaiya for all brothers and cousins and Bhaisahab for those are older than us. - Kalyani Nandurkar - 6 years ago

Oh Gulshan Ji has already answered but in some cases we have come to first name terms as well.

bhaiya,bade bhaiya,bhayi,bhaiyaji


Bade bhayya, , Didi,


Bade Bhagya, Didi etc


Honestly I don't know , however in my own family we are all cousins on first name basis regardless of age ..

usha manohar

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