Best substitute of a person in your life...

"One can never become a better substitute of other, but can continue your life story with a different script......" That's what I's not just a romantic relationship, but applicable for other forms of relations such as family, friends etc...Life goes on in the absence of one or many, may be in another direction. Do you believe so? Or what is your opinion for my quote :)

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Sandhya Rani

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Life is never stop in absence of any person. But it is also fact that no one took place of other person. My father is not with me no one is his substitute. He was unique.


No one is indispensable in this world. If someone goes, another will come. Life will go on. It is a continuous process. My father died. My life did not  come to a grinding halt. After my death, my son will take charge.


I totally agree with the saying...Life goes on. We loose loved ones on the way but the journey continues. Our loved ones are inseparable and they remain in cherished memories for ever. People are a part of our journey but the journey is beyond everything and much bigger.

We lost our dad very young but my mom regained her strength and continued. We missed him and till date miss him and keep him alive by always talking about his fond memories.

My sister in law lost her only son, a teenager in a car accident. She was shattered and took 2 long years to recover from depression. Now she is back to normal routine. Though, inner hurts don't heal easily, time is the best healer.

They live in memories and their physical void is filled with meeting the different challenges and demands of life. Life goes on. 

It is beautiful said..." The king is dead, long live the king". Life is that king who never dies

Arunima Singh
Sandhya Rani Yes it is.... Show must go on.... - Sandhya Rani - 4 years ago

Time heals everything even loss of someone very close to you. My cousin sister lost her little daughter who was just 2 years old in a road accident with her husband also developing a permanent disability in his left hand. It is not easy for them to forget the little angel who was loved by all of us in the family. Their life has completely changed because of the accident with her husband getting frustrated at times , but eventually they will come to terms ..

usha manohar

Ultimately Time is a great healer.With time you adapt to the changes in your life

The fact is we continue to lead our lives as always even after a big personal loss.Some come to terms quite easily, some take a long time and some fail to express it and act in such a way which is uncalled for. That certain loss cannot be filled up by anyone but we learn to live with that void. Even when our beautiful dress gets torn we fail to forget it in spite of substituting it with many more pretty dresses. So, how can it be possible to substitute the death of our loved ones? It will always remain impossible.  

Shampa Sadhya

I can't substitute one in place of another if it is about any relationship.Yes,we can say that "chalti ka naam zindagi", Life runs we cannot stop our life because of anyone person.   

Aditya tripathi

No one substitutes another's place but at the same time life or time will not stop for will and should take it's course. As the saying goes " The show must go on...."


You have answered your own question... there is no substitute to anyone although you can have make shift arrangement. No, no one fills up the gap. Maybe you always miss the one who left you despite all your efforts.


Life has many experiences and learning curves, if one can learn he moves forward with better knowledge and experience to handle things and be at peace within. It is important to learn, else one would always stay stagnant and be pensive all the time. Also it gives rise to tensions and other health ailments, hence it is very important to learn the lesson and apply it and move forward with the lessons learnt.


Music and phone are the best substitute of person in my life

Nidhi Rajput

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