Do you believe in 'forgive and forget'?

People say forgive and forget but somehow I find it very difficult to practice it. For me, it is easy to forgive but I fail to forget the incident which hurt me tremendously. What is your take?

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Shampa Sadhya
Sheetal Kumar N It depends on the situation. But time is a healer. - Sheetal Kumar N - 3 years ago

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I think it is one quality that will take human close to divine. Easy to say but very tough to apply. If it is a beautiful relationship, one has to move forward with forget and forgive with incidents which might ruin the beauty if the relation. 

But I strongly feel that one has to use the logic before applying it. For example, many domestic abuse and violence mushroom because the victim out of pressure or social compulsion chose to forget and forgive. So we have to use our inner voice, both our head and heart together to judge the incident and then take a call.

Arunima Singh

It depends on our relationship with the person. If you are very close , you would forgive and try to forget so that it does not become a hindrance to your future dealings with the person.

usha manohar
Shampa Sadhya Yes, you are right that equation changes according to the depth in the relationships. One can definitely try to forgive and forget a dear person but becomes difficult to do so in regard to not so close one. - Shampa Sadhya - 3 years ago

It is very easy to say Forgive and Forget but in reality it is very difficult. Moreover, it also depends on the situation that one person has faced due to other person 's acts and it's impact on suffering person life.So ultimately we can say that whether one has to forgive or not and then forget or not differs from case to case.

Bharti Gupta
Shampa Sadhya Absolutely, the quantum of one's pain usually becomes the deciding factor that one can forgive and forget other's humiliation or not. - Shampa Sadhya - 3 years ago

Whatever the relation or whatever the mistake it depends on the situation and relation , whether we forgive or not. But whereas when we come to forget ,we may say we will forget with time but we never forget.


Up to a certain extent following this practice is fine but there is a limit to everything. Once passed that stage, I forget everything and first I try to give them a reason. If they get my point it's fine and if they don'r... well, it's in between them and me... you know what I mean :)  


I agree with Usha. Forgiving and forgetting cannot be done by all


For better relationship one should forgive and forget. But naturally we don't forgive or forget because we hope that person, we care them, we love them so if they the mistakes we cannot accept it.

M.Thamarai Selvi

It depends on the situation. But time is a healer.

Sheetal Kumar N

Can't say


I used to follow this principle before but i think that people start to take advantage of your good nature. So this should not be done.

arjun sai

It all depends on the person who is involved. I can forgive a person once but not more than this. Even if I get betrayed for the second time and I need to forgive the person, I will be extra careful in teh future. If I depend or trust teh person it will all be my fault only.


Yes I believe in forgive and forget but it should be only for two times maximum. otherwise people start taking advantages of you.

Nidhi Rajput

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