The moment grandparents enter the room , discipline flies out of window. Do you agree with it?

All when grandparents enter the scene discipline flies out of the window explain it with your sweet memories.

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I agree slightly but on the whole, i would disagree. Grand Children are very fond of their Grand parents and are most comfortable with them. This also makes it so much easier to teach them discipline to kids through Grand parents.

Sheetal Kumar N

I am sorry but I don't agree with this. I am a grandparent of a 6 years old and he comes to terms and follows all rules as soon as he looks at me. Maybe he takes a few liberties but in the end he behaves like a better boy than he behaves in the presence of his parents.


I will stay diplomatic and say it depends. I too agree with it as I receive this as a complaint from many parents in PTM in my school.

I have been brought up by my grandparents and I can proudly say that their nurturing and firm affectionate upbringing helped me get disciplined. 

Arunima Singh

I think it depends on the age of the children, if they are like in college, there isn't much difference but for small children in school days, a big yes! There will be more jolly time & less studies!


No, it all depends upon the attitude of the grandparents. Some grandparents know how to draw a line between love for the grandchildren and how to make them disciplined. Those grandparents who know to maintain this line teach their grandchildren a big lesson that is to respect their parents. I would say such grandparents contribute immensely in building a positive future but those who indulge into fun and indiscipline spoil the child. Every grandparent do not indulge into giving a huge liberty to their grandparents which I admire a lot.         

Shampa Sadhya



I disagree. In front of my grandfather , I have to behave more nicely and cautiously.

arjun sai

Not really. In certain cases, we may find that, children raised by grandparents, in absence their father or mother, are more disciplined than those guided and mentored by their own father and mother. In fact, we may realize that aged people or people belonging to earlier generations generally have a greater respect towards discipline, devotion and sincerity.

Subhro Kanti Ghosh.

No..not at all. I have spent the majority of my childhood in my grand parents room. They have always taught me to live a disciplined life. It all depends on the nature and attitude of teh grandparents.


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