Best way to handle your Boss

In general many of us try to impress our boss by doing work according to his order or even try to impress them by being outstanding from other employees. But mistakes happen and if boss scolds without knowing who is behind the mistake..what will you do and if it is repeated more than once do you rise your voice or just bare him.
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Rajani K

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It is better to understand Boss. The boss may be in habit of finding fault even if you are not wrong. You cannot change boss. It is advisable to do your duty in the best way and correct mistakes if any. If boss scolds even without fault, let him and not take to heart. We have to adjust with all sorts of bosses, colleagues and even subordinates. In a team work, there is no way other than to accommodate other team members.

Gulshan Kumar Ajmani

It is right to say Do not Try to correct your boss. Whatever it is, the boss is going to win. He can manipulate every situation to make your life miserble, he has the capacity to do everything. If you want to keep your job, have to learn to keep emotions under control and be calm, not yap too much to co-workers or else be prepared to go home.

1.Fullfill his expectations.

2.Get positive.

3.Listen before you yap.

4.Don’t make yourself look better than your boss.

5.Don’t correct your boss for an unethical practice.

6.Remember that he’s your boss, not your friend.


Bosses are always want to hear YES from their employees. If you say I can't do it, then it will be problem for you. Say YES always and impress your boss, but make sure that you do the job properly after saying YES otherwise you will be in trouble.
Rakhi Yadav

You should avoid mistakes . Do your work more effeciently . The work given by your boss must be completed very early . Then your boss would be happy with you.

neetu jain

Don't say No to your boss and always try to complete whatever assignment he/she gives on time.
Sanjeev Gupta

I guess most of the boss need buttering.. lol. I mean keep your record good and talk good things about him in front of him. I know its not right, but these days people doing such thing and it works too.

You do more than what he expects of you

Obey him then then he will listen you

There are two types of bosses one want his employee to just say YES BOSS to whatever he says and other one only appritiates you for your work.. so it depends what kind of boss is yours....

Try to be polite and humble.

Obey and respect him/her

Our boss want proper work and dedication. By applying this, we can easily make our boss happy.
Bol Bachchan

There are only two rules - 1) Boss if always right 2) Follow rule no.1. Jokes apart, respect your boss, listen and then put across your points, deliver on time ..and give quality work. These are the traits that all bosses look for in any employee.
Mousumi Ghosh

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