Can long term worries become your best companions later?

Strange, but true!

Every person has some hidden sorrows he may not share with anyone. Though he is not at all happy with those happenings, slowly those sufferings become a part of his life and he began to like it. Sometimes, they become your good companions too and you make like its presence in your life and feelings. For example, a lost love or lost dream or something else and its memories. Is it true???

I once read, "Those things which gave us more worries and sadness...Years after, they turn to be our best memories"......But am not sure if it's true if don't imagine so with a poetic mind!
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Sandhya Rani

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Worry- short term or long term- is enemy of human life. The past worries could be nightmares or even cause of repentence. It is no use worrying. One may have problems but these are capable of solution may be with friends' or expert help. I remember Dale Carnegie's book- 'Stop worrying and start living'. This implies that worry and life are incompatible to each other.

Worries can never become anyone's 'best' companions, they can become companions but of the wrong kind. If there are any issues that you worry about constantly, then it is better to seek help or advice from someone you can trust and try to resolve them soonest. Do not let them become your long term companions!
Kalyani Nandurkar

There is a saying, “That which cannot be cured must be endured.”
Some things cannot be avoided. No worries can be cured or avoided in all totality. Do you think Bill Gates or Warren Buffett and the likes of them are free from worries? Though not for adding Millions, certainly they have worries like ‘how to invest and where to invest the millions in order to multiply them to some more millions.”
Hence, I’m of the opinion that worries all along the life will be there living and growing with you. It’s up to you call them with any name, a companion or any such name.
I for one see the worries in the positive light. They will be reminding me every moment that I should attend to them. Optimists see them as an opportunity to reach their goals. Who knows one day they may be overcome and takes them towards achieving their goals.
Sandhya Rani Very nice answer......really prepared one
Helped me to know many new things
Thank you
- Sandhya Rani - 6 years ago

I leave my past behind. I'm a absolute positive person so no worry worries me past or present. Bindas.

Worry be is short term or long term can become detrimental..worry is like a slow poison which eats you up piece by piece...what is mean is proves harmful for the person. It is a human nature for few people to constantly worry about something or the other.
Mousumi Ghosh

Worrying doesnt give any solution. It only adds more to the problem and keep them worrying always. Worrying about the past is the waste of time.

That can tend to happen. It is all about time and perspective in the future considering the event as already occurred in the past.

Sheetal Kumar N

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