If you get 5 Crore rupees at your doorstep

Today 500 & 1000 rupee notes are just papers without any face value. Now news are roaming around, money found abandoned in dust bin, rivers etc. What if you get a bag of 1000 rupee notes with value 5 Crore rupees at your garage, door step, Veranda etc. I won't say we should remit the whole money in nearby bank or police station. After all we all are humans :). But what about the rest money?

If I say, I take off the easy option to remit money at bank, what else can you do that gives benefit to Indian citizens (You can also include your friends and relatives) with this huge amount, given a short period till December 31st? Also divide the money for each allotments to sum up to 5 crore. You can take 2.5 lakh, of course.

Waiting for 5 answers to choose one best and impressive reply as the answer :) 


Now I remember one interesting Tamil movie Arunachalam of Rajnikanth in the 1990s, where the actor is asked to spend 30 crores in 30 days to inherit his father's money worth 3000 Crore. A certain restrictions are made how not to spend those 30 crores. 

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Wow this is my chance of being a modern Robin Hood!!! 

1 Crore towards funds for the Indian Army

1 Crore towards funds for the Indian Police 

1 Crore towards funds for Farmers

1 Crore towards funds for Orphanages 

1 Crore towards payment of bills of poor people in Hospitals

I am sure these are the 5 places where I can be anonymous and help atleast 10 people each. Indian Army and Police do their work day and night without taking a break and what if some funds come their way? They can get some bullet proof vests or new guns! 

Farmers are exempted from tax so atleast i can save quiet a few farmers keeping Rs 2.5 lakhs each (please calculate the number of farmers) 

This diwali i contributed my share of giving new clothes to children and they were in tears! Imagine 1 crore towards few orphanages? They can survive years together! 

500 and 1000 notes are acceptable in hospitals and i will be willing to pay the bills of the poor people...atleast 10 people can be benefited !

Sandhya Rani I liked the concept of modern Robinhood. I just thought of a film with same idea. Thought if a poor person with a lot of financial problems, got this money at that particular night when Modi made the notes invalid. We can make the movie with a good social message - Sandhya Rani - 6 years ago


Thanks,  I will definitely  keep it and deposit 2.5 lakhs in my name and also deposit that much amount in each of my children's names and my maid's name since no questions will be asked. The rest can be utilised in many ways like Shweta has said - give away to the needy at hospitals, pay their bills or wherever else you can spend it ..

Sandhya Rani Yes Usha Ji, afterall we are humans with a lot of financial troubles. 5 crore is a big money, and if we get such a big amount at doorstep a normal human being will always think, what we can keep. It's a human trait and can't be blamed off. In my case, I may give majority of that money to hospital bills, as such needs can never be postponed. Even if our money can bring back 10 persons back to life, we are helping 10 families of course - Sandhya Rani - 6 years ago
usha manohar Very true Sandhya Ji. - usha manohar - 6 years ago


I would not take even a single rupee out of it but deposit it at the nearest police station. Because even if I can take 2.5 lakhs as nobody would know, it would still be a dishonesty and in any case, suddenly depositing even 2.5 L in an otherwise normal account would seem suspicious. So why risk our reputation and goodwill for money which we can otherwise earn in good time and from good sources.

Sandhya Rani I told you naa.. You can take it. yet you dont want Madam :) :) - Sandhya Rani - 6 years ago


Well 5 crore is too big an amount for me to even start thinking of dividing. And i am definitely not giving to the govt. They already take a big part from my salary :P. So here is what i will do (skipping the numbers though)

1. Pay off my home loan

2. Pay off my car loan

3. Buy some gold for my daughter

4. Keep an amount for my family.. this is will be the biggest chunk :)

5. All the rest i will distribute to people i know - my maid, my building security, the vegetable shop owner, the cleaning staff in our apartment, our car cleaner etc. And if still something is left i will give it an orphanage or old age home.

BTW with all the thinking done, I am now eagerly waiting for the bag to arrive :P:P

Sandhya Rani Just check your doorstep. I have already sent you one after reading your post - Sandhya Rani - 6 years ago
Sandhya Rani There is one problem, I dont think jwellery shop will accept your money. Afterall they are now sweating to hide their own money :) - Sandhya Rani - 6 years ago
Divya hihihihihi,... thnks... i am still waiting .. may be someone took it during transit :P - Divya - 6 years ago


If I get a huge amount of money then I would donate my money to orphanages through supplies and clothes for the orphans and I will adopt a girl and raise her like my own child. I would invest it in shares to multiply the amount in future. I will buy new things for me and my family too.



I donate the sum to to BJP so that it can take more welfare measure



Well I will deposit 2.5lakhs on my every family member and my worker and the remaining money I will give to Indian army.



I will donate it for disaster management purpose.


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