Do you think eating lot of sweets can cause diabetes?

Once someone becomes a diabetic patient, he should avoid eating sweets.

But can eating lot of sweet can cause diabetes?

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Eating sweets per se does not cause diabetes but the impaired ability to produce insulin and thereby impaired function of synthesizing sugar is what causes diabetes. So if you have no diabetes, then you can eat sweets but like for every other food type, moderation is advisable. If you once develop diabetes then ability to process sugar in your blood is severely impaired which is why you have to be very careful in eating sweets.
Kalyani Nandurkar

I dont think so, I eat a lot of sweets, have a sweet tooth but have no diabetes.Diabetes is a life style disease and more to do with a combination of hereditary, level of activity and daily diet..
usha manohar

No, I do not think that having sweets can cause diabetes as it is chronic metabolic disorder. When you eat food, it got metabolize and covert to energy or blood glucose. Diabetes developed due to body's inability to produce and use insulin. Insulin is a hormone which secreted by the Pancreas and its major function is to release glucose from the blood to the body cells to produce energy. Normal blood glucose level in a human body is about 100mg/dl and it varies throughout the day. Blood sugar levels beyond the normal range are indicator of medical help, blood sugar levels needs to be 70-99mg/dl while fasting and 140mg/dl two hours or less after meal. Diabetic patient can have sweets(even everything) but in small portions.

Having high blood sugar is the cause for Diabetes. But the cause for having high blood sugar need not be eating carts of sweets. Eating more sweets can lead to weight gain. And this is the main reason for the most common type of diabetes type 2.

But for weight gain, the reason need not be always sugary foods. Eating any unhealthy food will cause weight gain. Especially Junk food.

The reason for Diabetes is more due to excess body weight, especially around the waist.

No I don't think so. I have heard from many doctors that sweets don't cause the diabetes, it is something else... But yes if someone having diabetes then better they don't eat more sweet.

No, I didn't think so.Eating a lot of sweets can cause diabetes.

But Eating a lot of sweets can cause of overweight.

Eating lots of sweet can never be the cause of diabetes. If you intake sweet in empty stomach as your first diet of the day, it can cause blood sugar. Good exercise and hard work is very important to keep your body fit and healthy.
Devyani Sarkar

No its the stress and lack of physical work which cause level of blood sugar to fluctuate nothing else.
Sanjeev Gupta

Beta cells of pancreas produce insulin. When these beta cells are damaged then the body cannot produce insulin.the function of insulin is lower the blood glucose level.

The number of beta cells are genetically predetermined. Eating sweets doesn't harm these beta cells in any way. Even if you lots of sweets, lot more insulin is secreted and blood glucose level is brought to a check.

Obesity, physical inactivity, radiation exposure, sedentary life style can lead to diabetes.

I donot think so,eating sweets may cause to diabetes. 


Eating sweets does not cause diabetes. But over eating direct sugar content and irregular having food causes diabetes


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Diabetes is caused due to the body's inability to break sugar into energy due to lack of insulin in the body or due to lack of sufficient insulin present in the body. 

Sheetal Kumar N

Eating too many sweets is not the main reason for diabetes. Our body produces insulin by own. The deficiency of insulin can cause diabetes.

Dinesh Sood

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