Is earning and financial freedom important to women

According to a survey conducted by socio economists more than 85 per cent of Indian women, both married and unmarried are not financially independent. They are either dependent on their fathers, brothers or husband's for spending money. It is also a fact that this leads to frustration in many cases ...Please share your views on this issue?

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For a woman:

Financial Independence 

Self Identity

Self satisfaction and worth

Ability to look after own parents on their illness/old age

For husband:

Not just a trophy wife

More confident and understanding wife

Sharing financial responsibility 

For children:

An idle mother

Financial dependency dealth of father/job or busines loss of father

For parents:

Happiness of seeing daughter standing from on her feet and enjoying independence.


financial freedom is definitely important for women, so they can stand on their own. Financial freedom is also important for them to stand for what they think and believe in. As well as express themselves without any insecurities. Another reason why i feel its important is because if women are financially independent they can also help their elderly parents when needed without having to ask their husbands and seeking their consent

usha manohar True, financial freedom also gains respect from others from what I have seen although it is unfair , but that's the way our society functions - usha manohar - 6 years ago

in my opinion, financial freedom for a woman is a must. Women can feel liberated if Financial liberty is there.  She can use it for many good activities like spreading  the awareness among those women,who , do not have such financial freedom. Above all, She can be an exemplary to the Society.

usha manohar Why shd she not spend her money on what she wants ? It is her money aftetal and she can spend it on what she likes, she does not need a lecture on spending it how to spend it from psuedo progressives .. - usha manohar - 6 years ago

I too believe that women of today should be financially independent. I am not saying she should earn big amounts, but should be able to help herself for basic requirements. It also increases her mental strength, and she gets more respect from family and society. In many cases women get threatened for divorce solely because she is financially dependent. If she earns something, it can make a vast difference, and if majority of women think so attitude of society to women is sure to change.

usha manohar There is nothing wrong if omen want to earn big money because it is after all their choice. For those who feel that marriage is important, it is imperative that they work out the financial angle with their husbands before marriage, it really does help to do so - usha manohar - 6 years ago

Its very important for a woman to earn. The amount doesn't matter. But from my observation, what I feel is that those who are financially independent are more broad minded and confident of themselves. Also, Every time depending on husband or other male members for every small needs ll only make the male members feel superior. The best thing about being financially independent is that one can spend it on the things one like, without anyone questioning it or grumbling about it. Whether one contributes for family needs, self indulgence or social works one can do it proudly and happily.

usha manohar Yes I agree it is not the amount but being able to spend more eyon at least some of the needs. . - usha manohar - 6 years ago
usha manohar Yes I agree it is not the amount but being able to spend your own money on at least some of the needs. . - usha manohar - 6 years ago

Financial freedom is extremely essential for woman to maintain her dignity ,her self esteem and her status in a patriarchial society.Economic freedom would allow her to take her decisions independently.She would have leverage in taking personal decisions about pregnancy,no of children,their education.
usha manohar Very true, .. - usha manohar - 6 years ago

I too believe women should be financially stable and independent so that when time comes she can help her family, parents, husband or even kids. It doesn't matter how much she earns but it matters atleast she makes something for living. In case if her husband divorces her at least she can live her life through some earning. Also it gives some confident to women as well, she knows how the outside world works. 


I am in favor of freedom of women. But this freedom must not be reached at this stage when it may be cause of conflicts. Some mutual dependence of husband and wife, makes bonding  strong .


Financial freedom and earning is important for every citizen of a country so why not women.Rights are equal of men and women.Of course, some were women's are underestimated but somewhere women's are better than a man too.  


Financial independence for every woman is a must. This gives self-confidence which helps in building a confident family, society and a country as well. It always leaves a positive vibe and that means a healthy standard of living.   


In my point of view, yes it is a must for a woman. We must respect women decisions and encourage them to be financially sound, literate and independent. There are many successful women in our country who are financially sound and independent. Women these days have been acquiring enviable positions in big corporates; in fact, in every field. They are earning more, living great lives and supporting their families to a huge extent.

Financial independence is not just about being liberated, it also brings happiness and lets a woman live life on her own terms. Nothing else can bring the happiness and confidence that a penny earned oneself can.


Yes she should earn which not only makes her financial independent but which also give self confident.  She need self respect. 


Yes of course . Financial idependancy is must because in todays scenario we really dont know what a woman might face in her future .


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