Life without struggling is it worth living ?

At every stage of our life we have to struggle for many thing suppose if we are offered a struggle free life is it worth living?

Category: Health & Lifestyle

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I don't think it would be as exciting and worthy simply because there would be no lessons learnt for self growth.


A struggle-less life is worthless. Real charms of success can only be attained by remembering the hardships faced in the path to that success.

Even multi-billionaire like Ambani's son too had to struggle hard to get rid of his obesity.


Struggle and problems teach us many lesson and motivate and inspire us to do work and be active. End of problems and struggle means end of life. 


People might think that those who do not ve to struggle are leading a good life but the truth is when we struggle in life, it gives a meaning to it. It make us look forward to something in life. Life without any struggle would be meaningless.


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