What is the hardest thing about being a male?

Life is a struggle which we have to fight at every step to reach our goals through the path which we have choosing. In in this struggle what is the hardest thing about being a male?

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The hardest thing about being male is you can't cry and let your emotions out of your heart when you are sad as our society doesn't accept crying of a male. Also you have to lead the family when decision is good its okay and its not good you are blamed for the same. 

Sanjeev Gupta
epraneeth77 Can't agree more. - epraneeth77 - 2 years ago

Life is tough irrespective of your gender. The societal expectation makes life tough for any gender. The expectation to earn well and be a bread winner and provider of a family is societal expectation that is tough on males. Secondly, men don't cry is a big emotional pressure.

Arunima Singh
Saurav Banerjee I completely agree with you ! - Saurav Banerjee - one year ago

Males are taken to be granted to bear with pains and sufferings. They are never really dealt with any sympathy. An erroneous action by a female may be forgivable but, same is a crime deserving no mercy when males are concerned.

Subhro Kanti Ghosh.

I just feel that we are taken for granted in many situations and living up to everyone's expectations is hard.

Sheetal Kumar N

If you ask me seriously about problems being a male then I have nothing but to laugh. If I can't handle problems while having all the facilities at my disposal then I think there is no way I am eligible to be called a male. 


The hardest thing for a male, I suppose is to express his warm emotions & cry!

simmi Totally Agree... - simmi - 2 years ago

To express emotions


to be strong in every situation


The hardest thing is the burden of expectation from the society that come what may, the male body and mind will survive all types of tension, anxiety and pressure. This I feel is the biggest challenge.

Saurav Banerjee

Being a male we can not weep as it is necessary to help to remove our pain and lighten the pressure on the mind. The best way is to cry in front of God/Guru in which you are doing faith.

Dinesh Sood

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