Is gymming a better way to stay fit?

The current generation living a hectic life full of busy schedules have opted for a much simple method of remaining fit.This method is widely known as gym exercises.Well hitting the gym for better physique has its own merits as well as side effects. Beginning with the need of joining a gym, the first need is perhaps the lack of time an individual has to maintain his/her health. Regular exercising in a gym helps to properly balance the body shape of every particular body part, in general gym training in presence of a trainer helps in properly stressing the fitness of ones body. So it can be easily concluded that hitting a gym and burning the calories using specifically designed instruments not only saves time but also helps in maintaining a healthy body.

On the other hand these so called gym exercises have a rather ugly side too. As long as a person carry the gym schedule regularly they get wonderful benefits out of it whereas when a person opts out of regular gym sessions, the body starts showing rather adverse effects .These effects are mainly due to the sudden shortage of workout sessions for various body muscles.The adverse includes bloating of stomach , gaining excessive weight, increase in sudden body mass etc.

So as to conclude , it can be easily understood that in order to achieve a perfectly fit body one should not merely depend upon gym equipments rather one must also inculcate other healthy eating habits as well as activities such as yoga and running to maintain a wonderful physique and a healthy body. Performing yoga and maintaining healthy diet along with regular gym exercising would help to reduce the side effects of not regularly hitting a gym.

Other options that can be considered apart from joining a gym to remain fit include power yoga , jogging , running, stretching etc. These exercises not only has no side effects as well as they saves money as they have no subscription charges unlike the glittering posh gyms!

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Nowadays gym has become popular way of staying fit. But personally I feel that more than visiting gyms, one need to adopt better life style to stay fit. Simple changes such as taking regular walks, doing household chores, eating healthy foods etc can improve health considerably.


I try to keep some physical activity on my exercise regime everyday.  Personally I am not a big fan of gym and it is my least preferred choice.  I go gym twice a week for some cycling,  elliptical and some weight exercises.  Rest of the days I go for outdoor activities like yoga,  walking,  jogging and swimming.  Exercising in fresh air makes me feel much better than gymming. 


Gymming is not always the best option. Personally I feel the easiest and most simple method of staying fit is walking everyday for at least 30 minutes. A nature walk for me is the most refreshing.


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