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what are the negative impacts of lockdown 

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Although the lock-down is being done to stop coronavirus spreading, there are some negative impacts due to lockdown:

1. Education (Study)

2. Portfolio 

3. Slow economy growth

4. Tax revenue impact

5. Increase in cost of maintenance of Airlines, Railways, Buses, etc. 

6. Faults due to lock-down nonoperating Industrial Machines

7. Job insecurity

8. Other state labor problems






New Delhi: As per the latest IANS CVoter Economic Battery Wave survey, there has been a massive negative impact on the income of households since the lockdown was implemented to fight the Covid-19 pandemic with more than half the respondents indicating it.

According to the survey, 53.2 percent of males said there has been a negative impact on their income. So, either people are laid off, getting reduced salaries, forced to go on leave without pay or are working only part-time now.

Similarly, 56.4 percent of females are earning less than what they did before the lockdown.

The sample date is the first week of June and the sample size is 1,397 and covers more than 500 Lok Sabha seats across the country. Since it has a tracker mechanism, it adds 1,000 plus new respondents weekly.

Among the age groups, the hit is more on the senior citizens, with 61.6 percent saying they are receiving lower income now.

Paradoxically, both the low-income groups and high-income groups are affected. The maximum negative impact is on the HIG group where as many as 84.4 percents are feeling the pinch. This may be a group in trade and commerce also where business activity has been adversely affected.

Interestingly, those with higher education seem to be stable even in this uncertain and volatile environment.

Those with higher education reported that only 25.3 percent are feeling they are getting lower-income and seem to be stable.

Among the religious groups, Sikhs are the worst hit in terms of negative impact on income with 79.5 percent reporting lower income after the lockdown.


Among the regions, the South is the worst affected with 69.8 percent, respondents, answering affirmative to the lower-income question while West is the most comfortable with 55.4 percent saying there is no impact.



The negative impact during lock down according to me.. would be 'confrontation'

Whatever everyone's been avoiding for a while now would probably be coming back to them during the lock down. Sitting in a room without having to be somewhere else or doing something else is probably going to be a good reason for the mind to wander. And just like that all those things that we've been avoiding for a long time would come right back to us. 

So according to me, psychologically speaking, a lot of things that our minds have tucked away to keep us from thinking too much, is going to be the negative impact during this lock down period.


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