Major Changes of Indian Cinema in the recent times

If we closely examine movies in the present decade (belonging to any language), I feel that they are realistic comparing old melodrama ages or masala movies of 1980s and 1990s. I feel audience are now wise, and they always try to relate movies to real life incidents. Technically movies are far far better, and in ideas and thoughts too, now audience are willing to accept realistic movies and experimental ideas, which was not quite common earlier.

Earlier coming out of age movies and bold subjects were not accepted by family audiences, and such experiments have ended in box office disasters. Though majority of Bollywood movies now are not suited to watch aside family members, background dancers with colourful costumes for romantic songs have almost disappeared - may be a realistic visualization is the new trend. But item numbers have gone up drastically.

High demand for fast tracks is a trend set since 1970s or earlier. So demand of dance numbers is not a new trend, of course.

What are other major changes you feel happened in Bollywood cinema and other language movies, since 2010s?

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I hold an opinion that in every era of Bollywood , there were good cinema and bad cinema. That holds true for this era also. Technology makes thing easier. The stories are more realistic. But what I find really interesting is some of the story writers who come out of the box and think of a character who is so true, so real and breaks all the hypocrisy and stereotypes. Vicky Donor and the female protagonists of Queen and Piku fit into that picture of being so real and untouched by stereotyping.

Sandhya Rani I don't care deducting one point from my account for such a wonderful post...... Yes I too agree, every era has produced some outstanding movies, and some of the movies on socially relevant subjects stood against the test of time. Most recently I watched Parakh made in the 1960s. But the topic on which the subject is made is still relevant and India has not changed a little bit in this case..... There are many such movies based on politics, adultery etc. - Sandhya Rani - 6 years ago

Cinema is meant to entertain the individual mainly. Those realistic movies of yesteryear are no more the choice of present audience and youngsters. In tune with the change in scenario, Movie producers and movie  goers run for those entertaing movies. Who will see a Do Ankhen Baarah Hath or an Ankur now. Movie making is after all a business. No movie Maker will produce a Movie for empty Cinema Halls.


The  most notable change that the Indian cinema has undergone in the recent decades is the markedly diminished shades of negative and positive traits from the lead actors. Earlier cinema featured heroes and heroines with purely positive traits, with a few exceptions, but the lead actors were all do-gooders who could do no wrong and the villains were the epitome of negativity. Now, the cinemas are more realistic with lead actors and actresses displaying even the grey shades in addition to good. The villains display a softer side in addition to being bad etc. Same goes for heroines too, who are more real-life women than just a symbol of femininity, goodness, purity etc. who keeps sacrificing self interests for the sake of others.

Sandhya Rani yes, yes... u have quoted a great point. Days have gone where lead characters were placed as Rama or Sita. Films of today are willing to show negative shades of lead characters as well. Audience too has accepted the fact... and nowadays they are celebrating villain characters also.... Dhoom series is the best example - Sandhya Rani - 6 years ago

As u rightly said the movies made today are technically very sound... the makeup and acting are pretty cool too. But what i miss is the scripts.. i guess the number of good scripts have gone down. When i say this i mean movies which have no script to boast off yet they are huge success with more than 100 crore business. Some movie like bajrangi bhaijaan, queen etc are really good. 

Also i feel the masala content is more these days and yes very rarely can we sit with family and see a movie.

Sandhya Rani Running low quality scripts on superstars' shoulders is one of the major drawbacks of Indian cinema at present - Sandhya Rani - 6 years ago
Sandhya Rani malayalam films are blessed..... Films of 1970s and 1980s of Padmarajan, Bharatan etc were not so :). They made movies ahead of time - Sandhya Rani - 6 years ago
Sandhya Rani I mean Malayalam movies made in the past two decades are fitted for family audience, it's not the case of old b&w movies with double meaning songs or bold scripts of 1970s and 1980s, often categorized under new wave cinema (No option to edit posts:)) - Sandhya Rani - 6 years ago
Divya yes very true...many movies now a days are very interesting and watchable.. specially from nivin pauly and DQ.. love all their movies... :) - Divya - 6 years ago

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The pace of change has been much faster in the past two decades, because of  globalization and other factors which has made sure that the cultural differences diminish..but at the same time quality of content has suffered ..

Sandhya Rani Yes, movies of today are fast, clear cut editing, and total running time too - reduced considerably. Nowadays songs are cut, and mostly used for promotion purposes. It was not the case of movies of 1950s-1980s, where songs add soul to movies - Sandhya Rani - 6 years ago

Some of the major changes that can be found in Indian Cinema are its big budget movies, more VFX filled movies coming to the fore to bring the Indian Cinema to the world stage.

Also small movies are running their own businesses with unique storyline & compelling narration.

Also if we notice more & more biographies, Army, fictional movies & socially relevant movies are coming to the fore. Ex:- Baahubali, Toilet: Ek Prem Katha, Padman, Holiday, Baby, etc


It seems like there is a certain trend of Biopics and experimental movies which are running well, apart from the regular masala flick.


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