Only Rahman deserves high expensive projects???


Most recently I participated in a discussion of the recent blockbuster - Bahubali: The conclusion. The main drawback is its music composed by M. M. Kreem, Rajamouli's cousin. Yes it's true, comparing with its prequel, its music is weak. But a few feel if Rahman was given the opportunity,  he would be have given some brilliant piece of work. Some even went to say, if it's a high-budget Indian project, only A. R. Rahman deserves to give music. Do you agree with this statement? Is Rahman the last word of Indian music? Does no other music director deserve to take high-end projects?

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Sandhya Rani

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I don't agree with the above statement at all. I loved the music of Bahubali : The Conclusion. Some people may not have liked it that much but it does not mean only a single person is capable of undertaking high-end projects. I believe every artist has a different style and should to be appreciated for his uniqueness. Last but not the least, we all know "Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder" and the same applies to music.

Niharika Kolli
Sandhya Rani Well said!! Thank U - Sandhya Rani - 4 years ago

I am a big fan of Rehman and do agree that he is a genius, But i definitely do not agree that he is the last word in Indian music. I feel that we have enough talents who just need that opportunity to emerge as great musician. And as for Rehman, he is so well known to encourage fresh talents in music. Moreover, everyone's best can not be declared till their last breath. We have still not seen Rehman's best yet. Success comes out of opporunity, talent, encouragement and ofcourse luck

Arunima Singh
Sandhya Rani Well said..... :) - Sandhya Rani - 4 years ago

The very fact that Bahubali 2 was /is the biggest hit ever ,shows that the films music was not a drawback ..

usha manohar

Rehman, is acreative genius. His presence ensures heavy profits for the producer.


The movie is a great success and that speaks for itself. Rahman is definitely a powerhouse but can we underestimate others through such a comparison. We must learn to appreciate and not demean others by comparing with big names. That is not good for the industry. 

Shampa Sadhya

I like Rehman's music but he is repeating himself now. Besides he is also accused of copying others' work which is not a good thing. I am sure he is capable of doing better than what he is doing now.


I am big fan of AR rehmam but he is not the best whether old composer or a new one each one has special talent in his own we must appriciate them.


I am a fan of A R Rahman but i disagree with just him being good enough to compose great music and songs. There are lot of talented people in our country and they too deserve opportunities to prove themselves. Glad to see that in today's world, producers are open to try new music directors and technicians, than every before.

Sheetal Kumar N

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