Your criteria while watching movies ...

What is it that you look for, when you decide to watch movies , because watching movies is an expensive affair these days. .I give four options , please select one or two and give reasons ,.and, please don't give one word or one sentence responses because even though you agree with the list, you may have your own reasons .

1, the film has good reviews with quality content although it has no popular stars

2, the film has your favorite / popular stars or it has caught the media and public attention  , so you want to watch it..

3, you are in the mood to go with your family or friends and watch a movie , so you pick the one that is most convenient with regard to distance ,family / friends liking it etc

4, you are one of those who want to watch all new released films as soon as it gets released

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usha manohar

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I wait for the review, That is the main criterion for me to watch a movie. I am not much of  a star oriented one. However, I love if movies have powerful performances. Also, I would like to say that I am a movie buff and go to watch 2-3 movies in a month. SO I choose the best out of the released ones. Sometimes few good movies release at same time and that engages me for two weeks. Then I decide the one for later which has more chances to stay in theater till next week.

Arunima Singh

Even I wait for the reviews  it doesn't matter what is the star cast. Recently I watched stree which is nice movie having not much popular stars but still we went to watch it as we good reviews of the movie from friends and in media. And as expected the movie was very entertaining and interesting. 

Sanjeev Gupta

I like light hearted movies with good storyline. First I check reviews on bookmyshow , IMDB and google. Then I book tickets. We cannot trust reviews of newspaper because generally they are biased and paid.

arjun sai

I am don't go to cinema hall to watch, I watched movie on TV. My preference is some new movies I listen about that these are good movies and another preference is old movies.


I look for good stories first and then reviews. Star cast is not the most important parameter.

Sheetal Kumar N

2 combined with 1. Any movie having popular or favourite stars with good reviews, I go for that with my friends. If it is with a family then it is a collective choice. A good comedy or family movie would be sufficient.


Movie become flap even with good story because of bad acting or bad direction or there may be many such reasons so I prefer to look reviews in book my show and then I book tickets


i watch movies on TV so there is no specific criteria.

Nidhi Rajput

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