How TRP of a show is calculated

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Target Rating Point is a means of determining how often an advertisement is seen by a specific target audience. Calculating TRP will not indicate an advertisement's effectiveness, but it will give an idea of the amount of exposure an advertiser is getting with its target audience.

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  1. Use this formula to determine TRP:
    TRP = GRP x Percentage of target audience

  2. Determine the numbers. For example, an ad airs with 43 percent of viewers seeing it each of three times it aired. The target demographic is 20 percent of the total audience.

  3. Find the GRP, which is rate x frequency. In the above example, the rate of viewers (43 percent) x the number of times it is seen (three) = GRP. 43 x 3 = 129 gross rating points.

  4. Plug the GRP into the formula. GRP (129) x target audience percentage (20 percent) = TRP. 129 x .20 = 25.8 target rating points.

  5. Interpret the numbers. Generally, TRP should average between 100 and 300 per week. Extremely good would be 400 or more, and less than 100 is ineffective. The score of 25.8 in this example shows an ineffective ad campaign.

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TRP stands for Television Rating Point. All TV channels keep a track of it to find out how many viewers are watching their programme. They can calculate the percentage of viewers who are watching their programme and helps in identifying what the reach of the programme. With that, they decide whether or not to continue a particular programme.

For more infor, check this link :


When in doubt, check wikipedia...

INTAM ( Indian Televisoon Audience Measurement ) is the electronic rating agency functioning in India. 'People meters' are installed in sample homes and these electronic gadgets continuously record data about the channel watched by the family members. By the way, it's not called spying. They are merely doing a survey on what channels people generally watch.

I believe STAR Plus got the highest rating last year and kaun Banega Crorepati 3 got the highest TRP as a game show. I'm not sure about the movie... most movies get a high TRP.


Television Rating Point tells how many viewers are viewing the tv


Don't know more.. But may be the show which is shown by more people will have more TRP.


To put it in a simple way, Meters are placed in select household to capture what they are viewing and the data reg. the channels they watch collected at the end of each month


TRP means Television Rating Point.
It is a criteria that indicates the popularity of serials and programme and T.V. channels.
leo is already explained its very well.


viewers viewing it


It depends upon how many viewers are viewing the show.


By no of views


It can be measured by determining the numbers of views or viewers.


A lot has been explained right at the beginning so it is better if I don't repeat the same answer again. However, in my opinion TRP ratings serves a good purpose these days..Indian soaps which don't perform well are immediately taken off screen..this saves us from the torture of putting up with the useless ads of those serials.


Alredy explained well by leo and gets some idea about this.

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