Who is the most charitable bollywood actor?

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roza mansoori
fazelath Imraan I think the most charitable bollywood actor is Salman khan and a good humdn being. - fazelath Imraan - 7 months ago

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Akshay Kumar is also a charitable Actor, does much for Army though.


From what I have read Nana Patekar and Anitabh Bachan , who recently paid off the loans of 1400 farmers are the most charitable. They do it with a purpose and dedication without looking to see if it would help improve their image le some other actors ..

usha manohar

  • According to Hurun Research Institute, Shah Rukh Khan is the most charitable actor in Bollywood.

  • Shah Rukh Khan is donating in Nanavati hospital from more than 15 years. thanks


I personally would appreciate the work of Akshay kumar Armed Forces.  He has taken an appreciable step. 

Arunima Singh

In my views Akshay Kumar is the most charitable actor. He is one of the great Hero with Helping Hands. 


In my view  the most charitable person in bollywood is Salman khan  and  very helpful nature. I really appreciate  .

fazelath Imraan

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