Which country has the best government system?

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I feel in theory we have the most beautiful democracy in world. We have a well defined and a cultured and civilized Constitution and the beauty is that it can be amnended with changing times. 

But unfortunately the goodness is mostly misused and abused by politicians who lack the will and knowledge of our system.  If good politicians come to play,  ours would be a perfect system. 



Government system of India is best one. It is beauty of its system is that here election is like a festival. But system is some more flexible and so people of using loop holes. 



   Each year, the Legatum Institute, a confidential investigate management based in Dubai, gathers data from 110 nations covering more than 90 percent of the world's population, and uses it to produce statistical comparisons of countries. On March 18, Legatum published "The Top 10 Best Governed Countries In the World." It arrived at the list by measuring the levels of competition and corruption found in each government as well as citizens' confidence in elections, the judicial system, and the military. Without further , here's the list, with one fact about each country's government:

1 Switzerland:

Switzerland has strong checks and balances: Individual political actors face a very high level of political pressure.

2 Denmark:

Denmark has a well-controlled electoral process, and one of the most efficient bureaucracies in the world.

3 United States:

There is a high level of competition within the executive and parliamentary separate of government, both of which are thoroughly regulated.

4 New Zealand:

Support for the government's social and environmental policies is very high in New Zealand.

5 Canada:

A high number of Canadians are satisfied with government efforts to help the poor.

6 Sweden:

Realization of corruption in government and business are very low in Sweden, and citizens approve of the level of government regulations on business.

7 Finland:

Over 90% of Finns are confident that their elections are fair.

8 Australia:

An above-average number of Australian citizens voice their opinions to government officials.

9 United Kingdom:

The UK model of government is among the world's most stable, having been unchanged for 128 years

10 Netherlands:

The Netherlands takes first place for the level of competition and regulation in place to check the power of the executive branch.


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Which is the world beautifull relation..?

Which is the world beautifull relation.......????????
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