Recently I came across a study about the young entrepreneurs in India growing in number. As the Internet is spreading its reach in India, more and more pass-out graduates are searching ways to earn independently. Though many of our young entrepreneurs are IIM pass-outs, but still others are also finding ways to pursue something independently. And the count is growing.,, Reading Hour magazine, and many more – all these are start-up ventures by young Indians. More & more youngsters are now opting out of private jobs & shifting towards part-time or full-time small to big start-up ventures, be it online or offline. As Internet is growing in India, youngsters are finding ways to earn some extra cash by working online, beside their full-time employment. Today the foundation is being laid for millions of young Indian minds to turn entrepreneurs or at least earn some extra rupees online.

The market has never been as positive towards new business entrants as it is today. Today a youngster with a good business idea can get all the support including the capital from various banks, venture capital firms, etc. It has never been so easy to start your own business. With the advent of Internet to grass root levels, information sharing has also come out of age. Now, advertising & marketing are just a click away. And many firms have grown up to help you with start-ups. Also, if one doesn’t wish to leave his/her regular full time job – he/she has many options now to earn some extra cash working online for just 2-3hours a day. There are many creative opportunities lying ahead online, ranging from content writing, logo & website design, publishing to just knowledge sharing. Anything to everything is now available on Internet, and people are finding ways to earn maximum through this transition.

More youngsters are opting for entrepreneurial start-ups as they want to be their own boss. Today’s youth cherish freedom of thoughts & feel bounded working under bosses. They are striving to earn part-time or full-time income independently. It also gives one a way to pursue his/her interest. There is always a way to earn via your passion or interest, be it writing, cooking, painting, reading, sports, music, anything. Knowledge sharing has come a long way via Internet, and one can pursue his/her interest full-time quite easily now. Definition of work has changed with the advent of Internet – now it’s more fun plus the added advantage of earnings. Flexibility is yet another benefit in working independently. Working remotely via Internet, it is up to individuals to complete their tasks at any time. You only need to have a computer with Internet enabled. Today’s youth enjoy the freedom – they feel unproductive if bounded by time & place of work – with Internet one can work from any place at any time. Also, with growing online business & start-ups, earnings too have grown. Now one can pursue a full-time online business earning decent cash, that too with very little or zero investments.

Opportunity is always present & there exist a potential winner in everybody. So if you have an idea that can work, don’t wait, just leap forward & execute. Once you are in, you are sure to find ways to accomplish your goals. India needs more young entrepreneurs & it is the right time to strike a chord with growing India.

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