Blog provides you an online platform where you can express your opinion on any subject. It can be a personal blog about you and your family members, or a business blog. Today, millions of bloggers are posting articles everyday. So, your blog is just like a small shop in the high way side. To make it popular in the Web you have to adopt some strategies.

Understand your abilities – your knowledge and experience is reflected in your blog. First understand your abilities, choose the right subject in which you have some knowledge. For example: I can write good technical articles because I am a computer science engineer.

Choose good title – Once you have chosen the blog subject then think about the title. The title must be relevant to your blog subject. Use some popular key words for the title; it will help to get higher page rank in search engines. Title should not be very long with lots of words. Try to keep it within 10 to 20 characters. Alphanumeric titles like, are easy to remember.  

Use proper template - Either you can use the default template or upload a new template that suits your needs. It must have a good user interface and color combination. Don’t use template that takes too much time to download. Suppose your blog is about technology related, but the template header contains picture of an animal or girl, than it will just irritate the visitors. So choose the appropriate template for your blog . Always use dark text color on a light background color; it will help readers to scan the content quickly.

Publish Good content – Content is the king for the blogs. It determines the popularity of your blog and ranking in the search engine. Good content means it must be relevant to your blog, should be grammatically correct. An article must have certain purpose and fulfill the readers’ needs.

Use Simple language – Write the articles in simple English and avoid using passive voice. Instead of writing long paragraph of 20 to 30 lines, split them into number of paragraphs. It’s because long paragraphs are difficult to read on monitor screen.

Create a Logo – This will give a unique identity to the blog and visitors will remember you. You can easily create a logo using any photo editing software. Otherwise just write the title of your blog in a colorful and stylish manner on the heading.

Update regularly- Many times people create blogs but forget to update it. Everyone wants fresh and updated content. Search engines give higher ranking to those sites that update regularly. So, try to post new articles at least once in a week. This will fetch more traffic to your blog. 

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