Smartphone world is getting bigger and bigger in shape. They have so many new things and features to offer that they keep launching new and new smartphones. So many new companies have already entered in to the market and with all of them we are like having new phones almost every day. A person purchases a smartphone of any company and just after couple of week new smartphone with better features and price gets introduced. So it is like huge competition is going on between the companies. That is why it has become even more confusing that for which brand we should go for.

Many people has craze to only go for branded mobiles. Even they have to pay higher just because of brand they only purchase branded phone with very high cost. If we consider specifications and features, same phone is available in the market with very less price in compare to that branded phone with less popular brand. They why should we go for branded phone. Is it worth? Everything has advantages and disadvantages both. Let’s first learn about both for branded phones and then discuss about that question.

Advantages of Branded smartphones

Quality Assurance: It is obvious thing with most of the branded thing. You are paying well to them so you will get the quality product in most of the cases. You will be satisfied in probably all section as per cost of your phone. You will get better camera, better calling function, better sound and many more. That doesn’t mean that less popular brand not provide quality product. But quality assurance is stronger in branded things.

Service satisfaction: Most of the branded phones having more service centers in different cities. So you will get better service for your phones with branded smartphones. This advantage is important one. For minor bugs also some companies take too much time to solve and that also with less satisfaction job. But with better branded smart phones you will get assurance of better service too. They will provide you quality service for repairing and exchanging purpose.

Disadvantages of Branded smartphones

The only disadvantage I found is price of product. They take really high price of the phone just because of popular brand. This thing is important too as with less popular brand you will get phone with same specifications and features at really low cost. With that cost you can almost purchase two less popular branded phones for you. Plus these days even less popular brand phones with less cost are offering good service at their service center.

So these are the advantages and disadvantages of branded smart phones. But it is still really hard to tell either one should go for branded phone or not. Honestly it is depend on person’s usage and reason for using the smart phone. I mean I have seen lot of people who just purchase branded phone because of status thing. They think that branded phone makes their status higher. So it is depend on person too.

Personally I am not brand lover. I look for decent phone which satisfy my usage with less price. Yes I don’t want to spend extra money just because of brand thing if I can get the phone in very less price. I look phone’s specification and features which I can get with less popular brand too. I just need to look the phone’s specification and little about company which provide okay service. But this is about me. Let’s face question now.

Is branded phones worthy enough?

For me, no they are not. These days many Chinese companies have put their smartphone business in the market. And honestly they are giving most quality smart phones in very less price. Not only that they are also offering decent service options. If you will survey smart phone market on the internet then you will see that new Chinese company’s phones are most popular now. They are getting the highest buyers than any old and famous company. Obviously they are providing very good features and hardware in very low cost with good service. Then why should we go for spending more money. Not only Chinese companies these days local Indian companies are also manufacturing decent smartphones in very good price range. After our PM’s ‘Make in India’ project many Indian companies are heading up for making such gadgets in India directly which really put down the cost for customers.

So honestly my personal opinion is we shouldn’t go for branded thing. Survey yourself and go for best. If the phone is providing enough features as per your usage and you are getting in low budget then why you should spend more money on it. These are the factors you should look when you purchase your new phone.

Things you should look during purchasing smartphone

Processor and RAM: This is about speed of the phone. If you want fast performance from your phone then you should check out these two things. I am not telling you should go for phone which has biggest processor and RAM. Just check both of them if they are enough for your personal use then it is okay for you. Normally quad core processor with 1GB RAM is enough for general use for any kind of person. If you still want more speed then go for 2GB RAM.

Camera: These days’ people love to take photos from their phone. As we keep phone every time with us we can take photos of our each and every moment. So having good camera is important. If you are also one of those who love to take photographs then just take care of camera stuff when you are purchasing new phone.

Battery: This thing is most important for me at least. People don’t check out the battery of the phone when they are purchasing it. Behind the box of phone you can check out ‘MAH’ of battery of phone. If those numbers are high then your phone will give more battery backup. Normally these days if phone’s battery is 2000mah or above then it can give you enough power for normal use. If your usage is very high then better you choose the phone with better battery power.

Display: If you want quality display then you should check out the PPI (pixel per inch) of any phone. Normally it is not available on the box of phone. But you can check it out on internet for any phone. Phone with more PPI numbers can provide you better display. Normally PPI near to 250 or above are good enough for any phone. Also if you want more clearly display then go for AMOLED display which can provide better color production for you. Also go for HD or full HD display which can give you clear result. HD display can provide you more PPI. You should also checkout the quality of glass on your phone. Gorilla glass protection can give you scratch proof glass. 

Network: In India, 4G network is almost very near. So if you love to browse internet fast then better your go for phone with 4G enabled. At least go for 3G enabled phones as you can have fast internet on 3G as well.

So this is it. Brand thing is disappearing in compare to past. These days almost all people want more good specifications and features in good price range. Budget is important for everyone. That is different thing to go for any famous phone if you have bigger budget to spend. I have already explained about features of phone, following it you can easily know that of which specification phone you required. So buy the phone as per requirement not just for show off. Still choice is yours. These days we have so many new phones in the market which can make person confuse in no time.

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  1. mohan manohar

I support branded phones. With it comes many new and innovative applications.


Me too strictly support branded one. Branded always ahead.

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