youtubeYouTube is the most popular video-sharing site in the world.

All the latest movie trailers and songs are released on YouTube first before it is aired on TV. So if you want to catch the latest movie trailer you would go to YouTube.

Another great feature of YouTube is that you could also upload your favorite videos and share it with the world.

But you could use all these features of YouTube when you have a high-speed internet connection. A good internet speed ensures that you have an amazing viewing experience on YouTube. 

But when the buffering speed of the video is slow or when it takes a long time to load, then it gets very irritating.

When you are watching an exciting video and if it stops in between and starts buffering, then it ruins the whole experience of watching that video. 

But there are some tricks and hacks to solve this problem. So let us learn how to increase the speed of YouTube.

Factors that affect the speed of YouTube

  • The first and obvious factor is your internet speed. The buffering speed of YouTube is directly dependent on your internet speed.
  • The second factor is your computer hardware. If your computer runs on an old hardware configuration, then it may also affect your buffering speed.

How to increase the buffering speed of YouTube up to 20%

1. Block the IP address used by CDN networks

Content Delivery Networks is a system through which different networks deliver a website, based on your geographical location.

The videos on YouTube are delivered by US-based servers, where the information was stored.

When you watch videos through different servers, it affects YouTube buffering speed. So you should block the different IP addresses used by CDN networks.

2. Use the DNS (Domain Name Server) of YouTube

You could increase the buffering speed of YouTube if you use the internet connection through a separate DNS connection.

To do this, first, you have to go to control panel and choose Network Connections. Now here you have to choose Properties. In the properties, go to the menu and choose Internet Protocol.

Open DNS addresses and insert the number of new DNS server. (You could search it on Google.)

3. Use SpeedBit Video Accelerator

SpeedBit Video Accelerator is an excellent software to increase the buffering speed of YouTube. 

This will also increase your overall internet speed as well. You can download the free version of this software.

4. Clear the cache data

You should regularly clear your old cache and browsing data, such as history, passwords etc; so that your internet speed is not affected.

There are software available on the internet that would regularly delete your unwanted and old browsing data. You could just search it on Google.

5. Change the video quality

To increase the speed of YouTube, you could change the quality of the video.

You could change the high-quality videos to low quality like 360p or 240p.

6. Close the Ads on YouTube

While watching a video, when an ad suddenly pops up, it could reduce the speed of your video. You could install a plug-in that would stop the ads on YouTube. Adblocker is an excellent option.

7. Update your Browser

You should regularly update your web browser. It is a very important factor that would help in increasing YouTube speed. 

So these are some of the few simple tips and tricks that would help you increase the speed of YouTube and enable you to have a better viewing experience.

I hope you will use them to improve the buffering speed of YouTube videos.

It all ultimately depends on your internet speed but using these methods you could at least increase your default speed by 20%.


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