In the world of communication in recent years more and more applications are developed. So talk with your PC has never been easier. The largest software giant has a new program to, Microsoft Lync. A step forward in Microsoft's business communications software. What does this software and what can we do? Read this article ...

As one might guess though Microsoft has invested years in the clarification of communication with all its advantages. The system is called Lync Lync Server 2010 and 2010 in sales. Thus, this package includes three different products: the instant messaging, videoconferencing and video mail software application. So in short, to make every email, chat, or phone contact a virtual meeting.


This idea is not new, according to Microsoft it's a name that brings together different aspects. There were already available products as examples: Communications Server or Communicator. Applications that make it possible to communicate through a video or audio call, for all meetings in the professional world. Place or time to define and give much less downtime.

Save on Communication

Microsoft has scrutinized this system to names by taking part in the annual IP PBX request for proposal (RFP) by Allan Sulkin (TEQConsult Group). Advantageous where it came from the corner.
Many companies will find quite interesting this powerful application. It works faster if you simply less to stay in the car to visit each other. This powerful new software gives more guarantee of a quality reproduction of images and sound, with an optimal connection. Whatever savings can be in relationship with a contract with a telecom company.


With the rise of Lync want to especially appeal to the business world. And not the competition between the familiar Skype deal that many individuals with communication. Lync will, how could it be otherwise, aimed at business and are compatible with Microsoft's own software. What gives a better cooperation from your system. Programs such as Office, SharePoint or Exchange are available.

More mobility
This communications platform will also not only on the notebook or desktop to obtain, it is then extended to other systems such as mobile phones or tablet PC for your meeting if it were to take wherever you are. And in the future, they also realize voice and face recognition for quick and easy person to the correct word. Finally, it is still useful to know that sales outside of the package, you can wait for the online version that can be connected to the new Office package 365.

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