All resources present in the earth are perishable. Sunlight is the only renewable recourse that will last for the coming decades. This can be tapped using solar panels. But this method has a disadvantage because the availability of sunlight is not uniform throughout the day. Also it varies as weather changes. But in space availability of solar power is uniform. There will be no obstruction blocking solar power in space. So it will be advantages if the power generated in space can be transmitted to the earth. But there is no such technology for transmitting power through space or air.

I am going to tell one of such technology which will enable the transfer of energy through vacuum. From 1070 onwards scientists have been doing experiments for developing a method for transmitting over through air. They began to think that if they are capable of transmitting the power generated in the solar panels of satellites to earth. They decide to develop a method to beam the power generated in the satellites to earth. 
The satellite will be placed in a geo stationary area where the position of satellite doesn’t change. The satellite will be loaded with large number of solar cells. These cells generate electricity without any moving part. One and only moving part in the satellite will be antenna which tracks the ground station. With solar panels low voltage is produced. In order to avoid the ohmic loss in conductors super conducting transmission line is used to transmit the signal to the beamer. In the earlier stage the generated electricity will not be beamed to the earth. They will be used for powering space explorating vehicles by beaming the power generated in space stations. Power of about 20-50 KW is possible to transmit between the vehicles by laser transmission or by microwave communication. A microwave of low mass will be used for this purpose.
The processes in power transmission are the conversion of DC power to beam and the reconversion in the receiver.

The basic parts of the device will be 
1. DC to microwave converter.
2. Beam generating antenna
3. Receiver and reconverter.

1. No material is required for power transmission.
2. Speed of transmission of energy will be equal to that of speed of light.
3. Both bi directional transfer of energy is possible.
4. Energy loss will be less because they are transmitted through vacuum

1. Satellite to earth power transmission.
2. Cellular power transmission.
3. Aircraft power supply.
4. Industrial applications.
5. Inter space vehicle power transmission

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