Now days every Business person is adopting Online for their success. But getting success through online business is not easy. Everything should be taken more care from starting to ending. For Online Business, first we need to plan about our product, how to sell it, which places it will be required mostly etc.

For Online business, first we should have a Website. So that people can access the website and know about our products and its prices etc. For having a website we need to perform all the things that is

1. Domain registration

2. Webhosting

3. Desiging

4. Programming

5. Search engine optimization


Domain registration and webhosting. Domain registration is booking domain name. There are many website available online for registering domain names, the website to register domain name like,,,, and more. Domain name is IP address in technical language. Domain name is simply a name of the website.

Webhosting which is a body of the website that is the internet space where we can upload the content and our products. Webhosting can be done by the webhosting providing websites. The webhosting provided websites like, yahoo hosting, Google hosting etc. Same domain registration website provided above also provides webhosting services.

Designing should be done for a website, but it will be static page or dynamic page. In static page we cannot change any of the content further and it is in low cost. But in dynamic page content can be changed and programming can be done.Programming is giving efficiency to the dynamic applications designed in to upload in the website.

Search engine optimization is giving popularity for a website by using different methods and keywords according to the website concept and its requirements.So that the website appear in first postion in the search engines and obtain best traffic.




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